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Holcomb Building
Information Technology

Move Office/Equipment

Periodically faculty and staff move from one workspace to another and need assistance in setting up Butler technology equipment. IT is happy to provide assistance in these cases. Please note that in many cases, Facilities coordinates the moving of the equipment, and IT comes in to set up the equipment.  

IT will arrange for the following items to be set up:

  • Butler Phones
  • Butler Computers, Monitors, Keyboards, and Mice
  • Personal Printers (deskjets)
  • Butler Network Printers (moved by Butler Sharp Representative)

IT is not responsible for moving any other items (books, furniture, etc.). Arrangements for those such items to be moved are made by Facilities.

User Responsibilities

Please submit a request to IT with all of the pertinent move information (client name and contact information, dates and times, starting location and ending location) a minimum of 2 business days prior to the move.  If the move affects more than 2 people, please submit the request a minimum of 5 business days prior to the move.

IT recommends that the user (or Facilities if they are coordinating the move) test the ethernet ports at the new location prior to the move and also note the distance from the ethernet port to the desk. Ports can be tested by plugging a Butler IP phone into them.

Facilities is responsible for supplying ethernet cords and for the activation of ethernet ports. If a port needs to be activated or a new ethernet cord needs to be supplied, submit a Facilities work order or call 940-9393.

If additional extension cords or power strips are needed for the new space, users can order these items through Office 360.