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Holcomb Building
Information Technology

University Owned Devices

Butler employees may now submit purchase requests for new standard computer equipment directly through the IT department by submitting a case at Please note that all non-standard computer equipment requests (including iPads and other tablets) should continue to be submitted to the Purchasing department via a purchasing requisition. Non-standard computer equipment requests are subject to approval by IT and may not be approved if a comparable standard device exists.

Most standard computer equipment is continuously stocked by IT, though there may be a lead time of up to 6 weeks for equipment purchases of certain computer models. If you are requesting new computer equipment and require it within a certain timeframe, please contact IT to ensure we have the equipment in stock. All equipment purchases are subject to approval by departmental budget managers. Please note that computer equipment purchases may not be charged to university purchasing cards or submitted for reimbursement.

For a list of standard computer equipment, see links below. If the technology you would like to purchase is not one of the computer or peripheral standards listed below, please read more about the support available for non-standard devices.

Standard Computing Devices

When accessing standards documents, if prompted, please log in to Google with your Butler e-mail address and password.

What is the Hub & Software Fee?

The Hub and Software Fee is added to the cost of all computers and devices running a full OS. The money collected is used for several things:

  • Funds the campus wide software license for faculty, staff, and lab computers (including Microsoft, antivirus, and other software agreements)
  • Helps fund the repair of computers
  • Helps fund network maintenance and growth as more devices are added
  • Helps maintain and support computer lab and classroom computers

What is the Butler IT warranty?

The Butler IT warranty provides two-year coverage for tablets (iPad/Nexus only) and four-year coverage for laptops/desktops.  For tablets, the warranty is free to University departments and covers repairs for hardware failure (but does not cover accidental physical damage).  When purchasing a new desktop or laptop, the IT warranty cost is already included in the prices listed on the standards sheet.