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Voice Mail System Information

Butler's voice mail system for faculty and staff combines email and voice mail into Butler email. This means that voice mail messages are delivered to your Butler email inbox.

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Features of Butler Email with Unified Messaging

  • Voice mail, email, calendar and contacts all in your Butler email account
  • Voice mail arrives in your Butler email inbox just like email messages
  • Listen to voice mail on your computer, IP phone, smartphone or any other phone
  • Use Voice Mail Preview to get a rough approximation of the voice message in text format. This is good for getting a general sense of the contents of the message. Read more about this feature
  • Use the system with a telephone keypad or your voice
  • One mailbox quota for voice mail and email (voice mails are optimized to save space)


How-To Set Up Your New Voice Mail Box

  1. Check your Butler email for an email message From: "Microsoft Outlook" with the Subject: "Welcome to Exchange Unified Messaging". This email contains your temporary voice mail PIN and indicates that you have been moved to the new system.
  2. If you have a Cisco IP phone, press the MESSAGES button. If you do not have an IP phone, dial x6245 from any campus phone, or from an off campus phone dial 317-940-6245.
  3. If prompted for your extension, enter all seven digits (940-xxxx) followed by #
  4. When asked for your PIN, enter the PIN in the welcome email you received. If you have a voice mailbox not associated with an email address, please use the standard default PIN for a new voice mailbox.
  5. A tutorial will guide you through the steps to set up your new voice mailbox.

Details about Using Butler Email with Unified Messaging