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Holcomb Building
Information Technology

Connect to BU Guest/Open Wireless

Guest wireless access is available all over campus. The Guest/Open Wireless network is not encrypted and only permits connecting to the Internet; certain Butler services are not available (including printing and BUfiles). Only users who are guests or students who are connecting a gaming/streaming device should use the BU Guest/Open Wireless Network. Access to BU Guest/Open Wireless requires accepting the Acceptable Use Policy.

To connect, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that you are in a wireless location
  2. Navigate to the wireless or wifi settings on your device
  3. Select BU Guest/Open Wireless from your list of available networks
  4. A screen will appear in your default internet browser with the Acceptable Use Policy. Read the policy, scrolling all the way to the bottom, and then click Accept. Please note: you must scroll all the way to the bottom in order for the Accept button to be activated.
  5. You should now have Internet access.

For device-specific instructions, visit the Get Connected page and select the link which corresponds to your device and/or operating system.