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Holcomb Building
Information Technology

Network Account Eligibility Requirements


To be considered an active staff or faculty member, you must have an active job record with Human Resources. An active job record is defined as having an employment status of active, leave of absence, leave of absence with pay, or short work break. The exception to this rule is adjunct faculty whose active status is retained for a longer duration after becoming inactive. Adjunct faculty are defined as follows:

  • J00200: Adjunct
  • J00261: Instructor
  • J00267: Lecturer
  • J00308: Senior Lecturer
  • J00333: Visiting Associate Professor
  • J00332: Visiting Assistant Professor
  • J00334: Visiting Professor
  • J00316: Staff Accompanist
  • J00209: Assistant Coach
  • J00346: Dance Instructor

If you believe you fit this criteria and do not currently have a network account, contact Human Resources (317-940-9355) for more information.


An Affiliate of Butler University is someone associated with the University, but not officially a student, faculty, or staff member. While there are several types of University affiliates, only the following are eligible for network accounts:

  • American Pianists Association
  • Aramark Hourly Employees
  • Aramark Manager
  • Board of Trustees
  • Brooks Place (COE)
  • Campus Ministers
  • COPHS Preceptors
  • Counseling Center Masters
  • Dance Kaleidoscope
  • Emeritus & Retired Faculty
  • Engineering Guest Faculty/Staff
  • Follett employees
  • Greek House Directors
  • Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra
  • Indianapolis Children's Choir
  • Indianapolis Opera
  • Institute for Study Abroad Staff
  • IT Contractor
  • Master Practitioners
  • On Campus Family Members of Faculty/Staff
  • Real Business Experience Mentors
  • ROTC Instructors
  • Volunteer Teachers

All Affiliates seeking network accounts must be sponsored by their appropriate associates. To sponsor an affiliate, please download, fill out, and send these forms to Human Resources:

  1. Affiliate Request Form (\\BUfiles\General\Forms\Human Resources Forms)
  2. FERPA/COR Form (\\BUfiles\General\Forms\Information Technology Forms)


To be considered an active student, you must fit one of the three statuses below:

  • Admitted - Students who have been offered admission to Butler University
  • Current - Students who are active in program and/or enrolled in a current or future term
  • Graduated - Students who have recently graduated from Butler. 

Temporary Accounts

Temporary accounts are typically provided for one to two weeks. University Events is able to grant temporary access for qualified parties. Anything longer than 2 weeks should fall under an Affiliate status and needs to follow the specified criteria.

To request a temporary account please have someone from the sponsoring department contact the Help Desk with the reason for needing this account and the time frame the account is needed. The Help Desk also needs to know if there are any special permission requirements needed (e.g., BUfiles, libraries, etc.). Information Technology will call back the sponsor with the username and password for the temporary account.