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Information Technology

Network Account Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for a Butler network account?

Butler has three categories of network users. They are staff/faculty, students, and affiliates. Each of these three categories have their own set of necessary criteria to be eligible for network accounts. Please see our requirements page for more information.

How are Butler network accounts created?

Once your account is entered into the system by either Human Resources or Registration and Records and all eligibility criteria is met, a one day, two night process begins. You will gain most of your access on the first day and have complete access by the second day.

What does my network account allow me to access?

Your Butler network account allows access to University owned equipment, software, and systems. Here is a small listing of some of those applications and hardware:

Upon leaving/graduating from the University, when will my network accounts stop working?

Faculty / Staff

Faculty and staff who no longer meet the account requirements will be removed at the beginning of each month. If, in seven business days, the user has not been put back on the network users list AND we have had no information given to us from the department/organization to hold off deletion, the account will be removed (including all emails and files).


Student will have their network accounts discontinued at different times, depending on which type of student you are.

Graduating students have their accounts discontinued according to the Graduating Student Access standards.

Withdrawn students have their accounts discontinued on the same schedule as faculty and staff.


UNLESS stated on your Affiliate form, you will need to re-apply for Affiliate status. Otherwise your account will be removed in June.

IT recommends doing the following when leaving the University:

  • Back up all of your personal data
  • Set an "out of office" email message with your new contact information
  • Back up / export your mailbox
  • Set up email forwarding

How can I get temporary access to the network?

Temporary accounts are given out when a group of people will be accessing the network temporarily. Please contact the Help Desk for more information.