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Listservs (also called mailing lists, mass emails or multiple recipient emails) are used to send one email to more than one recipient.  Listservs can be extremely helpful for organizations and groups of all sizes.  Butler provides listserv capabilities for Butler sanctioned organizations only.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I create a listserv?

The following information is necessary when requesting a new Listserv:

  • Organization name
  • Department name (for faculty and staff)
  • Greek house name or club name (for students; NOTE: Faculty Advisors must submit this request to authorize the creation, info listed in these bullets should be included)
  • Name of listserv (NOTE: Names of listservs must contain no spaces. Example: Sigma_Delta_Pi)
  • Name and email address of Faculty Advisor (student listserv only)
  • Name and username of who will be the administrator(s) of the listserv
  • Choose discussion or distribution listserv type

Please note that the Help Desk will add the administrator(s) of the listserv and provide them with initial passwords to use. Beyond this, it is up to the administrator(s) to add all other members via instructions that will be provided to them.

To request a listserv, please go to, log in with your Butler credentials, and fill out the form to request a listserv!

How can I access my listserv?

You can access your listserv at To log in, use your full Butler email address and your listserv password (note: this password is NOT the same as your Butler network password). If you forgot your password or are unable to login, please see the below section. 

What if I forget my listserv password?

If you forgot your listserv password or are unable to sign in, you can reset the listserv password at When it prompts for username and password, click the "click here" link under the password prompt and follow the instructions. 

If you have forgotten your password, click here.

How do I add members to my listserv?

Adding One Member

  1. To create a single member, click Add Member under the Members tab on the left.
  2. Enter the email address and name.

Adding Multiple Members

  1. Open an Excel file and create a list with two columns.
  2. Title the columns "emailaddr_" and "fullname_", respectively
  3. Add all names and email addresses to the file
  4. After adding all emails and names to the list, select the Windows button at the top left of Excel, and click Save As. From the "Save as type" dropdown menu, choose to save the document as a CSV (Comma delimited) file
  5. Name your file and save it.
  6. Open the Listserv Management page
  7. Under the Members tab on the left, click Add Members and then select Import Members from CSV file
  8. Select your file and upload it
  9. Verify that your file successfully added all members. Under the Members tab, click View Members. If you encounter issues regarding member addition, please contact the Help Desk

How do I send emails to my listserv?

From Outlook, BUmail Web Access, or another mail client

  1. Open a new message in your email client
  2. Enter the name of your listserv in the "To:" box. Ex:
  3. Enter your message and click Send

From Listserv Management

  1. Open the Listserv Management page
  2. Select the Mailings tab on the left. Click New Mailing
  3. Enter your listserv name in the "To:" section
  4. Enter your desired message in the Text Message area as you would in Outlook or BUmail
  5. If desired, preview your message before sending out
  6. Click Save before sending your message
  7. List Management will direct you to the Approval page. On this page, you may send, test, schedule, copy or delete the email you just created
  8. Select Send

How do I change Administrators on my listserv?

  1. Click on the member's name once logged into the Lyris system
  2. Under the List Admin tab, change the options for all options to Yes
  3. Under the Settings tab, be sure to enter a password for this user and confirm it

If you require assistance changing Administrators, please contact the Help Desk. If you are a member of a student organization, please have your Faculty Advisor contact the Help Desk so changes can be confirmed.