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All Butler students, faculty, and staff have a Butler email account and calendar through Exchange Online.

To access Exchange Online via the web, visit and log in using your full Butler email address as your username, and your Butler password.

General Information & Resources

Review more information about Exchange Online below. For more on technical issues and how-to items, visit the Exchange Online FAQ.

Getting Started


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Will I have to use my full Butler email address as my username to log in?

Yes, to access Exchange Online through the Outlook Web App (via or via you will need to log in using your full Butler email address as your username, along with your Butler password.

What are the benefits of Exchange Online?

  • Increased email and calendar storage space to 50GB per user
  • New features and updates delivered on a regular basis
  • Outlook for Windows users will no longer need to connect to a virtual private network (VPN) to connect to the Butler email system when using Butler laptop PCs off campus
  • Outlook for Windows will connect to the Butler email system even from personal home computers with the full features of the email system (see the "Outlook for Non Butler Computers" section of this page for information on how to access Butler email via Outlook on your personal computer)

Can I archive my emails in the cloud?

Yes, Exchange Online allows you to begin storing archived messages in the cloud rather than on a network drive ("online archiving" vs. "local archiving").

What applications do I have access to?

Students have access to the Outlook Web App via or via Faculty and staff have access to the Outlook 2013 or 2016 Desktop Client as well as the Outlook Web App. Regardless of how you choose to access your email, you will need to log in using your full Butler email address as your username.

Will I still have access to free Office ProPlus applications as I do today?

Yes. Students, faculty, and staff can still download free Office ProPlus applications for personal use tied to your Butler account. Find more information about those applications at

What happened to BUmail?

BUmail has been retired! It served us well, but it's time for Exchange Online to shine. Only (or can be used to access Butler email via the web. For desktop users, the Outlook application still functions as it always has.