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Information Technology

Disabled Accounts

Inactive accounts will be disabled the day following their status change. However, data will not be deleted for at least 1 month. The process is as follows:

  • The immediate supervisor of any employee who, for any reason, is scheduled to have network accounts disabled within 20 days will receive an email informing them of the employee's pending status change and the disable date. The employee will receive no such communication.   
  • Upon receiving a communication announcing the pending status change and account disabling, a supervisor may decide the user should remain active. In this case, the supervisor should contact HR immediately to update the employee's status. If the situation is remediated prior to the disable date the account will continue to exist and the transition will be seamless.
  • The network accounts of inactive employees or affiliates will be disabled and inaccessible the day after an employee or affiliate becomes inactive. Once the account is disabled, the employee will not be able to log into the Butler network nor have the ability to enable or retrieve data within the account. Note: Adjunct faculty currently receive a grace period of 14 months before they are disabled.
  • If the supervisor does not address the issue within the 20 day window and it is decided later that an inactive, disabled user should be reactivated, the department needs to contact HR to discuss the best way to reactivate/rehire the employee. During this time, however, the employee will not have a working Butler account.

Please note that this is the default process. Should it be necessary to disable an account immediately, continue to call the Help Desk for prompt assistance.


When an account is disabled due to job termination, the account holder will no longer have access to the Butler network (BUmail, BUfiles, My.Butler, Moodle, card access, etc.). Content will be deleted 30 days after the account is disabled. Prior to an account being disabled, you may want to consider the information on this page.