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Holcomb Building
Information Technology

Data Backups

If you are a student and have a problem with your computer requiring hardware replacement or any other extenuating circumstances, you can back up your data to a different source to keep it safe and secure. IT can also help back up and hold your data for up to two weeks. Data recovery may be necessary when a computer unexpectedly crashes, fails to start properly, has a failing hard drive, or if data is accidentally deleted, corrupt, or damaged. IT can also attempt to help recover data from an intact hard drive. Recovery of data cannot be guaranteed.

IT does not have a recommended timeframe for when you should back up your data, however, if you make any new additions to your files, or have something that you consider to be important, you should back up your data.

Some alternative places that you can store your data:

  • BUfiles - free network storage provided to all Butler faculty, staff, and students
  • Google Drive - personal or using your Butler Google Apps account
  • External storage - an external hard drive or flash drive can also be used ot hold your data.

For more information on file storage, please visit our page on File Storage and Sharing