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Information Technology


IT is pleased to offer BUanywhere (also known as VDI) as a computing option for faculty and staff. BUanywhere is a Windows 7 based computer that is housed in the Butler data center and is accessible from a multitude of devices. Your computing experience will be similar to the experience of using a computer that sits on your desk. The real power of BUanywhere comes when you are not at your desk, whether on campus or off. Access all your files and applications securely and without the commute!

BUanywhere is available to faculty and staff in two forms: as a personal virtual computer (My BUanywhere), or as a generic virtual computer (Work from Anywhere) which doesn't save any information on the desktop once logged off (much like a lab computer). The My BUanywhere computer is a persoanlly assigned computer, so you are the only person that can access it and it retians your settings and preferences. Work From Anywhere allows you to utilize a Windows 7 based computer housed in the Butler data center, you can access the Butler network and BUfiles from a multitude of devices. Your computing experience will be similar to the experience of using a computer that sits on your desk; however, your desktop will not carry over from your device. IT recommends storing all files on BUfiles for ease of access with Work from Anywhere.


For more information on accessing the BUanywhere computers, please visit the link below:

How do I access BUanywhere?


Why Use BUanywhere in lieu of a Standard Laptop or Desktop?

  • Mobility - Work from anywhere that has a network connection, just like you were at your desk
  • Security - Your BUanywhere computer and data stay in the datacenter which helps protect it from theft
  • Access - Use all your applications and data from anywhere
  • Recovery - If you have a major issue with your BUanywhere computer, IT will be able to get you back up and running faster than with a standard laptop or desktop

Is BUanywhere right for me?

Depending on your role and computing needs, BUanywhere may or may not be the right computing solution for you. If you do any of the following items, we suggest you stay with a standard laptop or desktop:

  • Need to access your BUanywhere computer while not connected to the Internet
  • Need to use a web cam
  • Need to use CDs
  • Need more than 20GB of hard drive space
  • Use multimedia extensively or do audio and video editing
  • Heavily use high end applications like Adobe Creative Suite or AutoCAD

Note: Streaming audio and video (e.g., Pandora, YouTube, web video) are not perfect. This will improve over time but you shouldn't expect to watch full-screen HD video.