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Student Involvement
Student Involvement and Leadership


  • It is recommended that for an activity or event that occurs more than 25 miles from campus that a vehicle company/bus is chartered that has licensed/certified drivers and vehicles. A student organization is solely responsible for their own travel arrangements, which includes the selection of qualified drivers, verification of adequate insurance, and all other travel arrangements.

  • Programs for Leadership and Service Education can assist student organizations with travel and hotel accommodations and reimbursements.

  • Travel can be a "risky" decision with concerns for safety and liability for everyone involved. You are highly encouraged to set up a time to meet time a Programs for Leadership and Service Education staff member to discuss the details of your trip to define and manage those risks accordingly. If you are traveling as an organization or in representation of your organization, please consider the following information.

  • If students drive their own vehicle, each vehicle needs to have appropriate personal insurance. There is no university insurance coverage for those driving their own vehicle. Drivers, by choosing to drive, assume responsibility for the safety of those traveling in their vehicle.

Driving Policy

On occasion, a Butler student, in the performance of his/her student organization duties or university events, might find it necessary to drive a university-owned/leased/rented/or vehicle. The following policy exists to ensure that only those individuals with acceptable driving records are permitted to drive for a sponsored function.

In order to drive a university-owned/leased/rented van the following requirements must be followed:

  • Must be at least 22 years of age
  • Must have a minimum of 6 years driving experience
  • Must also participate in the Driver Safety Program through the Butler Police Department
  • Must submit a copy of his/her current driver's license, along with a signed "Request for Driving Privileges" Form with the approval of the Director of Programs for Leadership and Service Education, to Facilities Management, two weeks prior to the driving event
  • Upon approval, the student requesting permission to drive will be allowed to drive, and will remain on the approved driver's list for one year
  • Any person who does not complete any of the above requirements or drives their personal vehicles will accept responsibility and financial liability, independent of the university, of any accidents that occur while driving a university owned/rented/leased or personal vehicle thereafter

Driving Personal Vehicles

  1. Ensure that we have a signed generic waiver from all participants acknowledging high level risk connected to the activities involved and associated travel.
    • The general waiver should include language that acknowledges that when a student travels with a Butler student organization they do so at their own risk.
  2. When club members actually travel for their group there should be a separate waiver signed by participants acknowledging:
    • The club is traveling to X destination and expected dates/times students will be away from campus.
    • Their participation in the trip is voluntary.
    • The University does not control any aspect of the travel, including those with whom travel arrangements are made, the mode of transportation, the accommodations, or the itinerary.
    • If they are driving their personal automobile they need to be aware that their insurance is primary and that the University accepts no responsibility and specifically disclaims any responsibility for any amounts in addition to or above their insurance coverage. They are solely responsible for any damage to persons or property occurring as a result of their use of their automobile.

Additionally, for each trip, the group will submit a roster of all persons traveling to include their emergency contact information. For now the roster/emergency contact info/signed waivers packet should follow our standard process of dropping it off at BUPD dispatch upon departure.

Renting Cars, Vans or Busses

  • Contact Programs for Leadership and Service Education to set up rental through Enterprise Rent-A-Car through your student organization account.

  • If you choose to go through a commercial vendor, most will require the driver to over the age of 25. There are some that may rent to 18-21 year olds.
  • A purchase order for rental must be requested through PuLSE.
  • All drivers (students, faculty, and staff) must be approved by the University.
  • Please have the following information when requesting a rental purchase order: list of drivers, date of travel, vehicle delivery date, time and location, and vehicle return/pick up information.
  • The Purchasing Department will then obtain the vehicle for you.
  • This process may take several days, so please plan ahead.

Safe Travel Checklist

  • Have you checked for the following?

    • Insurance and driver's license
    • Safe and reliable condition of vehicle
    • All drivers are aware they assume responsibility and liability of the safety of their passengers
    • Directions, phone numbers and address of destination in each vehicle
  • Have you discussed?

    • Trip itinerary and expenses
    • Expectations and rules
    • Emergency procedures
    • Informed your advisor of your trip (itinerary, people traveling, etc.)
    • Waivers and release forms (one copy submitted to BUPD)
  • Do you have the following?

    • First aid kit
    • Cell phone and contact list in each vehicle. Cell phone charger if utilizing GPS.
    • Credit card or cash for emergencies
    • Maps
    • Emergency contact for each participant
    • Waivers and release forms signed by participants
    • Emergency phone numbers:
    • Advisor
    • Butler University Police Department (317/940-9396)
  • Do your driver(s) and passengers understand safe driving practices?

    • Obey all traffic laws
    • Drive appropriately for road and weather conditions (e.g. snow, ice, heavy rain)
    • No horseplay, racing, or other distractions
    • Plan routes and stops in advance. Be flexible to add additional stops if necessary due to weather or fatigue.
    • Do not consume, possess or transport alcoholic beverages or illegal substances
    • Each driver and all passengers should wear seat belts at all times
    • Drivers should be well rested and should not drive for longer than 4 hours at a time
    • One passenger should remain awake with the driver at all times
    • Avoid driving from 11pm to 6am
    • Trips over 10 hours in length should include overnight lodging
    • Cell phones (and similar devices) should not be used while operating the vehicle. Pull over to the side of the road if needed
  • If an emergency occurs, does the group know to:

    • Stop immediately and notify the local police or call 911
    • Obtain medical attention as necessary
    • Fill out police report and obtain names and addresses of witnesses and other people involved in the accident
    • Contact your advisor immediately. If your advisor is not available, contact the Butler University Police Department (317/940-9396), the PuLSE office (317/940-9262) or the Health & Recreation Department (317/940-4472), if your group is a club sport.
    • If traveling in a personal vehicle, contact driver's insurance company

Requirements for Overnight Stays

  • A travel list of all participants involved in the trip must be submitted by the club or organizations advisor to the office of Student Affairs two weeks prior to the trip for health and safety conduct checks:

    • Participants must consent to the health and safety check prior to submission.
    • If students are applying for a position on the trip the list can be submitted prior to the selection of participants.
    • If a student is red flagged during the check they will be unable to attend the trip.
  • Contracts for any aspect of an overnight stay must be submitted to the PuLSE office no later than 30 days prior to trip.

    • All logistical details of the contract must be confirmed when contract is submitted.
  • Organizations must obtain a current Certificate of Insurance from the organization that they are serving on the trip and the location that they will be staying.

    • The certificate of insurance should be designating Butler University as an additional insured under General Liability.
    • The Certificate to Insurance shall be submitted at least 30 days prior to the event.
    • If Butler has not received a proof of insurance by this date, Butler shall have the right to terminate any Agreement upon written notice to vendor.
    • Insurance as set forth below shall be written by a company with an AM BEST'S rating of A, VII or better with an admitted carrier satisfactory to Butler University.
    • To further ensure trip safety you will need to research (Google) current lawsuits that are ongoing connected to the various aspects of your trip. Examples of this are, hotel, nonprofit you are partnering with, recreational facility.
  • All participants will need to fill out the long form waiver that can be obtained in the PuLSE office with an emergency contact listed. A copy of this will also need to be shared with BUPD.
  • Per the Clery Act, BUPD will need to be given a list of participants and their contact information including advisors.
    • They will also need to be given the dates of the trip and the address of where you will be headed and where you are staying.
    • You will need to Google your destination for outstanding crime reports.
  • If the trip is an international destination it is suggested to reach out to International Global Studies for additional protocol.
  • The PuLSE office can provide a "Participant Contract" for organizations that would like their members to sign an agreement prior to the trip regarding behavior and expectations.