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Student Involvement
Student Involvement and Leadership


Businesses, organizations and individuals are not allowed to sell, address students or solicit business on the Butler campus unless a recognized student organization is sponsoring the business, organization or individual for a specified:

  • Period of time
  • Location
  • Event

If a business is selling something on campus, a percentage of the profits made must be given to the recognized sponsoring organization. All such sales and solicitations on campus must be approved by the Office of Student Activities.

Solicitation Requirements

Any group utilizing space on campus to promote their services, activities, events, etc., must:

  • Stay within a reasonable proximity to the space they have reserved
  • May not wander the campus soliciting

External Businesses, organizations and individuals will:

  • Be accompanied by a representative from the sponsoring organization. Representatives must be present with the external group that they are sponsoring at all times the external group is present on campus
  • Be limited to space within and in the immediate areas outside of Atherton Union
  • Student organizations are limited to sponsoring one external organization annually.
  • The length of time an external group may be on campus is limited to a reasonable time frame and will be determined by the Director of Student Activities.

Residence Life

Door-to-door solicitation in residence halls/apartment buildings is prohibited.

Business is to be conducted in the lobbies and groups must receive approval from the Office of Residence Life.


Students and organizations should report misrepresentation or inappropriate business practices by any such sales representatives to the Director of Student Activities. There are certain restrictions on food and other outside vendors due to campus-wide contracts which include Pepsi.

No credit card companies may solicit credit card applications/accounts on campus.

These guidelines also refer to other types of solicitation of students, such as, political, religious, and other types of social issues.

Street Solicitation/Canning

Indianapolis-Marion County code (431-702) forbids street side solicitation and holding of signs within fifty feet of an intersection controlled by an automated traffic signal or a stop sign. This makes street fundraising (and "canning") an illegal activity. It's also against Indiana code to stop or impede traffic on a roadway for purposes of solicitation. Violations of both codes can result in heavy penalties by Indiana courts.

Organizations should not solicit on roadways. If there are questions regarding canning and/or street solicitation, please contact the Office of Student Activities, the Office of Greek Life, or the Butler University Police Department.