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Student Involvement
Student Involvement and Leadership

Recognized Student Organizations

Recognized student organizations (RSOs) are groups of four or more students on Butler's campus who have formally come together and been approved by the University and endorsed by the Student Government Association. Joining a student organization is a great way to enrich your college experience while meeting new people and gaining leadership skills. Butler University has over 140 recognized student organizations and new organizations develop each year.

Expectations for Recognized Student Organizations

Being a recognized organization is a privilege on Butler's campus. In return, it is an expectation of the PuLSE office and Butler University that organizations adhere to the following expectations:

  • Have at least four members who are current Butler students and an advisor who is a full-time Butler staff or faculty member.
  • Review the organization constitution annually and make revisions as needed.
  • Send at least one representative to the student organization information meeting held every September.
  • Complete the fall semester report at the end of each Fall Semester.
  • Complete the recognition process at the end of each Spring Semester.
  • Keep the PuLSE office updated of any officer changes on the student recognition system and/or if your organization decides to dissolve.
  • Abide by all state, federal, and local laws, as well as all Butler University policies and procedures.
  • Remain in good standing with all aspects of Butler University and conduct yourselves in a manner that is consistent with the mission of the University.
  • Adhere to the rules and procedures set forth in the organization constitution, including the nondiscrimination requirements for membership.
  • Meet all fiscal obligations incurred by the organization and refrain from having an off-campus bank account (unless the organization is a social Greek fraternity or sorority).
  • Ensure proper planning and execution of organization events and consult with the PuLSE office for help with policies and contracts.
  • Ensure proper use of campus resources, including meeting space and event space, office space, and other afforded benefits to the organization.
  • Provide proper education and communication throughout the officer transition period.
  • Establish consistent communication with the organization's Butler advisor and keep the advisor informed of organization activities and decisions.
  • Register all fundraisers at least two weeks in advance 

Requirements for Recognition

All groups wishing to obtain new or retain their current RSO status must meet the following criteria to be a Recognized Student Organization. Changes to officers, advisors, or constitutions during the year must be submitted to their report online.

Note: In order to reserve space on campus, only officers/members whose names are submitted to the recognition system are able to reserve space online. This system is also how we generate emails to student organization leaders so current information is imperative to this process.

  • The officers must be currently enrolled students at Butler.
  • All organizations must have a minimum of four members who are currently enrolled students at Butler University.
  • A total of four officers and/or members must accept their position online through the Student Organization Annual Recognition system.
  • All organizations must complete the Annual Recognition report in the spring and the fall report at the end of the fall semester.
  • All organizations must send at least one representative to the Student Organization Information Meeting held every September.
  • Organizations must draft and submit a current local constitution and submit it with their annual online recognition. Each constitution must include the following non-discrimination statement: Insert organization name "will not discriminate on the basis of   race, color, sex, marital status, religion, creed, national origin, disability, age, military or veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression or any other protected characteristic."
  • Each organization must have an advisor who is a full-time Butler University faculty or staff member.
  • All RSOs must uphold the "Recognized Student Organization Expectations" listed in the online guidelines as a condition of registration.