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Student Involvement
Student Involvement and Leadership

Types of Recognition

New Recognition is for groups that previously have not been on Butler's campus or for groups that are re-forming and haven't been recognized on campus for more than two semesters. This process includes completing all necessary hardcopy and/or online paperwork (application, information sheet, statement of understanding, advisor agreement, constitution, PuLSE consultation) and setting up an appointment for a review with the Director of PuLSE. The paperwork will then be reviewed by a Student Government Association senate and the organization's application will be accepted or denied.


Re-instatement allows any inactive organization to become active again. If a group has been inactive for less than two semesters, they must complete the Annual Recognition process below. If a group has been inactive for more than two semesters, that group must complete the New Recognition process above.

Annual Recognition

Annual Recognition is for currently or recently recognized student organizations and occurs at the end of each spring semester. Student organizations must complete the Annual Recognition to retain their recognized status and retain benefits and privileges of being an registered student organization.

Inactive/Non-Registered Organizations

Organization Accounts: A student organization account that has funds will be frozen if the organization is inactive or is non-registered. This may be due to lack of membership (student organizations must have at least 4 members); failure to complete the recognition process (takes place each spring); disciplinary or other sanction by university or national organization; or other applicable reasons. Once an organization is re-recognized, the student organization account will be reactivated if there are funds available.

If a student organization account is inactive for 3 years, the funds will be redistributed to the Atherton Union account for future general student activities.

Meetings and Events:Inactive or non-registered organizations may not meet unless they are gathering to reorganize or are sponsored by another organization and/or office. These meetings shall be limited in the number of gatherings, type of events, time and manner of gatherings. All such meetings must be approved by the PuLSE office and the Office of Greek Life when appropriate. Deactivated or non-registered organizations may not host/co-host late night events, campus wide socials or other events not related to reorganization.

Inactive or non-registered organizations may not post information in the Butler Connection (all campus email) unless it is sponsored by another organization and/or office or to publicize a reorganization meeting.

Inactive or non-registered organizations may not host fundraisers (whether events or other activities) until they complete the re-recognition process.

Club Sports

All Club Sports start off by becoming a Recognized Student Organization and must maintain recognition annually with the PuLSE office. Once a student organization is officially recognized by the University, the organization has the opportunity to become a Club Sport. In order for an organization to be accepted into the Club Sports program, they must first meet with the Assistant Director of Intramural and Club Sports to discuss the possibilities, benefits, and requirements of becoming a Club Sport. For more information, contact Eric Kammeyer, the Assistant Director of Intramural and Club Sports.