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Student Involvement
Student Involvement and Leadership

Publicity on Campus

The PuLSE office is responsible for approving all signs, posters, table tents. Approval, not endorsement, is shown by utilizing our PuLSE stamp.

The stamp is located in the student worker desk.

If a poster is made of slick material, you may use a stickered label.

Posters created by the Butler University Marketing department will be emailed to PuLSE administrators for approval. A stamps designed to work with the overall look of the poster will be put directly on it before the printing process.

Signs, posters, chalkings, table tents or any other promotion material not in accordance with the following guidelines will be removed immediately.

Additionally, individuals and campus organizations have and assume full responsibility and liability for the signs, posters, chalkings, table tents or any other promotional material that they post, and should realize that legal action may be possible against persons or members of groups who participate in defamatory action, intentional infliction of emotional distress or such other causes recognized and allowed by law.

Sign Posting

For the purposes of this policy, the terms "sign" and "signs" shall include, but are not limited to, billboards, notices, table tents, flyers, placards, posters, banners, postcards, handbills and hand-held signs. "Posting" shall refer to any means used to display one or more signs.

  • All signs, handbills and notices including those produced by the university marketing department, with the exception of departmental notices, must be approved and stamped by the PuLSE office, located in Atherton Union, 101. All postings are limited to 30 days and stamped with an expiration date. The PuLSE office may make exceptions at their discretion.
  • Postings must clearly state the official name of the sponsoring organization or individual.
  • The following statement MUST be included on websites, flyers, posters, emails, etc. announcing university events: For accessibility information or to request disability-related accommodations, please visit
    Please note, this language need not be included when announcing events via social media (e.g., Facebook, Twitter) or on billboards.
  • Signs may be posted only on PuLSE office approved bulletin boards. Signs posted on departmental bulletin boards should be approved by the appropriate academic department. Signs may not be posted on the small corkboard space outside of classrooms.
  • Postings in the residence halls must be approved by the PuLSE office as well as the residence life coordinator. Flyers should be left at the front desk of the residence halls to be hung by the residence hall staff.
  • Signs posted on interior and exterior walls, windows, doors including bathroom stalls, elevators, floors, sidewalks and on any wood or painted surfaces are strictly prohibited and will be removed.
  • Student organizations or individuals posting signs on the above surfaces may be charged a $35 fine. In addition to this $35 charge, organizations or individuals posting signs that cause damage will be assessed and charged accordingly.
  • Placing or scattering signs on tables, counters, benches or other like surfaces is prohibited.
  • Placing signs on cars or other vehicles on campus or within the surrounding area is prohibited.
  • Signs for any campus campaigning efforts are limited to one sign per approved bulletin board.
  • Posted materials may not promote the use of alcohol or drinking establishments. Signs promoting on-campus events where alcohol will be served should contain the following statement, "Beverages Available, Butler University ID and Driver's License required."
  • All posted materials must be of good taste and respectful to all members of the Butler community. A balance of free speech and community standards will be enforced by the PuLSE Office. Restrictions may apply but are not limited to signs that depict violence, obscenity, defamation of an individual or group and commercial activity.
  • The University may determine the appropriate time, place, and manner in which a sign may be posted and may prohibit the posting if the guidelines are not followed.
  • Individuals having signs approved are responsible for ensuring that the posting policy is understood by anyone posting on behalf of the organization or individual.
  • Facilities must be contacted to help hang all banners, staked signs and other large scale promotion.
  • All postings associated with off-campus organizations, programs or individuals must adhere to the University policies and procedures. Postings must be approved by the PuLSE office and maybe posted no longer than 30 days.


  • Organizations can chalk most outside surfaces that can be walked on with the exception of those areas considered to be artwork.
  • Chalking can only be done in areas exposed to rainwater so that eventually the chalkings will be washed away.
  • Chalk is not allowed on buildings, artwork, bridges or under overhangs.
  • Organizations are not allowed to use liquid chalk and/or any type of paint.

Table Tents

In order to advertise events/activities sponsored by campus entities and student organizations, table tents may be used in campus dining facilities according to these guidelines:

  1. All table tents must bear the PuLSE approval stamp (Atherton 101).
  2. Table tents may be placed on dining tables in Atherton Market Place, Atherton C-Club, and ResCo Dining
    • For a maximum of four days,
    • No more than one tent on each table,
    • No more than three (3) unique table tents on display at any given time. (Groups may distribute 50 tents in AU Marketplace and 20 each in AU C-Club and ResCo).
  3. Sponsoring organizations will place table tents and remove them. The date of the PuLSE stamp indicates the removal date. Groups that forget to remove tents will be reminded once.
    • Table tents 175

Napkin Holders

Advertising space is also available in the dining facilities through the use of napkin holder inserts on a space available basis. Groups may provide inserts for education/issue oriented material that is not time sensitive. Dining Services staff member, Ryan Achille (, is the contact for napkin holder inserts. He will schedule and coordinate insertion and removal.

  • The sponsoring group may provide 100 copies of an insert that measures 4.5 x 6.5 inches.
  • Use a landscape orientation only and a margin of ¼" (minimum) is advised.
  • The insert should bear the PuLSE approval stamp (Atherton 101).
  • A group that neglects these guidelines may lose its ability to utilize table tents in the dining areas.

Residence Life

Any poster must be given directly to the front desk or put in the residence life coordinator mailboxes (located in Residence Life office)

Numbers for posters: 

  • Fairview House - 18
  • Resco - 13
  • Ross Hall - 16
  • Apt Village - 12
  • University Terrace - 1
  • CTS - 5
  • Butler Terrace - 4

ADA Requirements

Butler University is committed to ensuring its programs, services, activities, and benefits are accessible on an equitable basis to all qualified individuals with disabilities. In order to anticipate and facilitate accommodation requests, the following information must be included with all communications involving Butler University-sponsored events (flyers, posters, web pages, emails, print pages).

The following statement MUST be included on websites, flyers, posters, emails, etc. announcing university events:

  • For accessibility information or to request disability-related accommodations, please visit 
    Please note: this language need not be included when announcing events via social media (e.g., Facebook, Twitter) or on billboards.

To request disability-related accommodations or inquire about accessibility, please contact at 317-940-9308 or in Jordan Hall 136.