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Student Involvement
Student Involvement and Leadership

Participant Waivers

Student organizations are required to have participants sign a liability waiver form for University sponsored events in which Butler University disclaims liability for injuries or property damages suffered regardless of cause.

  • Activities such as (but not limited to):
    • Field trips
    • Sports activities
    • Off campus trips
    • Excursions
    • Events involving any type of risk
  • Signed waivers should be dropped off at BUPD before the group leaves campus for the event.
  • Signed waivers should be kept for at least two years in a secure place. If storage of waivers is unavailable, the PuLSE office will keep the waivers for student organizations. You may bring originals to the PuLSE office for this purpose.
  • This policy protects both the University and the student organization hosting the event or activity.

This liability disclaimer applies to, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Any injury or damage sustained on property owned by or under the control of the University, its subsidiaries or affiliated institutions (such as a classroom, residential units, structures, buildings, public areas, vehicles, etc.
  • Any injury or damage suffered in an intercollegiate or intramural contest or event (athletic or otherwise) as a participant, spectator, or other; this includes transportation to and from the contest or event.
  • Any injury or damage as a result of any act of omission by any university personnel (faculty, staff, employee, officer, trustee), student or contractor.
  • Upon being admitted to the University, a student is bound to follow all of the University's rules and regulations. Butler students who fail to familiarize themselves with this disclaimer will not be excused from compliance with the policies and requirements herein.

All waivers you will need to use are available in the PuLSE office, which can be adapted for most events.