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Student Involvement
Student Involvement and Leadership

Other PuLSE Guidelines


The Student Government Association offers grant money for special programs/projects. For details visit the SGA webpage or email  the VP of Finance and Grants Committee at

Email Communication

The PuLSE office maintains an email list through the student recognition system. This is used for important organizational information and messages are sent to all presidents, vice presidents, and admins through this system. It is the responsibility of these officers to pass along the information to their members. Additionally, a separate list is maintained for student organization advisors. Emails are only sent out on an as-needed basis. This is one of the reasons it is essential for groups to update their members on the recognition system and to assign one member as an admin who will carry on with the organization to the next year.

Office Space

Student Organizations can apply for office space online.

Keys or key card access will be issued to officers of student organizations that have office space. The maximum number of keys that an organization may have is four. These are available in the PuLSE office. At the end of each year, the keys are to be returned. If a key is lost, stolen, or not returned, the costs associated with re-coring the lock and making new keys will be charged to the student organization or may be charged to the student who checked out the key. No refund will be made if the original key is later found.

If an office has a card swipe reader, up to four officers of the organization may have access in lieu of physical keys.

Sending Mail

If a student organization needs to do a mailing the following procedure is required:

  • Before sending out a large mailing, please contact the Manager of the Mail Center for assistance in processing your mail pieces. The Mail Center will give instructions on the addressing and design of the mail piece to ensure the most cost-effective and efficient delivery of items.
  • Make sure you have money in your student organization account to cover the mailing. Contact the PuLSE Office if you are unsure about the account balance. Do this before you bring your items to the Mail Center (HB 21).
  • Mark the envelope at the top right hand corner in pencil with the student organization account number. If more than one envelope is to be mailed, place a rubber band around the stack and mark only the top envelope. The student organization account will be charged for the mailing.
  • All mail pieces must have a return address. If your item does not have a return address, it cannot be processed and will be sent back. Campus Impressions can provide pre-printed envelopes with a return address. Contact Campus Impressions at ext. 6495 for ordering information.
  • Regular business envelopes (#9 and #10) must have the flaps up so that they can be sealed in metering machines. The mail center cannot seal large envelopes; therefore, they must be sealed before going to the mail center.
  • Large campus mailings should be grouped together in address or department order.
  • Greek addresses are not considered campus mail and will be sent through the Post Office.
  • Pre-sort mail will be delivered at a reduced cost. In order to be processed as pre-sort, mail must be typed and in regular business envelopes (#9 and #10). Labels should be applied as straight as possible. Crooked labels could result in higher postage fees. Please separate handwritten address mail from the typed address mail. Bundle each in separate groups. All handwritten mail will be sent out first class, with no discount. Please keep all international mail separate.
  • All overnight mail needs will be made through FedEx or lowest cost carrier, unless specified. Contact the Mail Center (ext. 3233) for details.
  • When ready to send mail, please bring the items to the Holcomb Building Mail Center, room 21.

All mail questions should be directed to the Mail Center at ext. 3233.


If a student-sponsored event requires the need of food service, Dining Services has the exclusive right for this service. To request catering, contact the Dining Services office at 940-9764 or email To obtain a waiver to use an outside vendor, permission must be obtained from the Dining Services catering office, located in Atherton Union cafeteria. Requests for catering can be made online during the event registration process on

Butler Connection Submissions

The Butler Connection is a daily email (M-F) that goes out to students, faculty, and staff of the Butler Community. There is a faculty/staff version and a student version. To submit an announcement, event, or people posting, go to Click on the "Submit Announcements" box for assistance.

Requests for Mailing Labels or Lists

Requests for labels should be made two weeks in advance by completing a Label Request Form provided by PuLSE (AU 101). Requests from student organizations must be approved by the PuLSE office and there will be a charge of $15.00. Requests for less than 100 labels will not be filled.

Requests for lists of students (i.e. by housing unit, etc.) should be made two weeks in advance and can be obtained by completing a List Registration Form provided by PuLSE. There will be no charge assessed for list requests, but they must be approved by the PuLSE office.

Master Calendar Meeting

A master calendar meeting is held each spring to assist with event coordination of major spaces on campus for the following academic year. Although a group may have placed an event on the master calendar at the meeting, the date is not guaranteed until the event registration process on is completed and on file. Classroom space is not reserved at this meeting. The main areas that will be tentatively held are Atherton Union Reilly Room, Robertson Hall Johnson Room and the Mall. Groups will receive an email in the spring to notify them of when this meeting will occur.

Should a group decide to change the date of its all-campus event, the change must be done with University Events. Groups who hold events without permission may face disciplinary action. Student organizations with overdrawn accounts will not be permitted to finalize their events until their account have been cleared.

University Calendar

Recognized student organizations are able to put their events and programs on the University calendar, even if the event is off campus. This process is done through the event registration process online at

Bulletin Board Space

There are two bulletin boards across from Jordan Hall 141 that student organizations can use and two bulletin boards in Atherton Union. The application process for this space is in the spring semester (for the following year), around the time of the master calendar meeting and are available online. Space may become unexpectedly become available during the school year. Inquiries regarding this space may be directed to the Assistant Director of PuLSE, Jesse Wanzo Neader.

School Closings

Weather-related road conditions sometimes necessitate that University consider delaying opening, canceling classes, closing or remaining open. This decision is made by the president based upon input from the Butler University Police Department. Student organizations may meet when University functions have been delayed or cancelled but all members must be notified that the meeting will occur. Additionally, meetings during delays or closures cannot be required nor can critical business such as voting occur.

Events to which off-campus guests are invited must be cancelled per University policy. Events for student organizations may occur, but only at the discretion of BUPD based on available resources and campus conditions. This may mean, for example, that the room may not be set or the catering might not be available. Event planners must contact Butler University Police Department at 317-940-9396 to determine the feasibility of continuing with the event.

Prizes & Giveaways

Prizes and giveaway winners should be recorded and reported to the Business Office.

When a person exceeds $599.99 in prizes/scholarships/etc. in a calendar year it will be reported to the IRS.

  • They will need to show it on their tax returns.
  • All cash gifts, awards and prizes are considered taxable income.
  • "Cash" includes gift certificates and prepaid purchasing cards.  Immaterial tangible gifts may be tax free if the value is less than $200.

Outdoor Events

Student organization who would like to sponsor an outdoor event must work with the PuLSE office, University Events and, if applicable, Butler University Police Department (BUPD and the office of Greek Life).

Any outdoor event must be in an area that does not interfere with classes.

Sound Amplified Devices are any electronically operated or assisted device for amplifying sound including but not limited to:

  • PA systems
  • Bullhorns
  • Music or voice amplifiers
  • Megaphones

As with any outdoor amplified sound, the event must be held within the hours of 9 am and 11 pm to comply with the city's noise ordinance.

Sound levels need to be monitored to alleviate imposition on:

  • Academic pursuits
  • Business activities of students, faculty, employees or guests
  • The residents and neighborhoods surrounding the university.

All music and amplified speaking must be "PG" to comply with community standards.

As with all other events, the group must submit a proposal to the Vice President of Student Affairs if they wish to have alcohol at the event.


The outdoor concert area must be monitored by students and security. A security plan must be approved by BUPD. Typically outdoor concerts are Butler community only and not advertised off campus.

Brady Award (Outstanding Student Organization and Advisor of the Year)

  • All campus organizations are eligible to compete for the Brady Awards which originated in 2003-2004 to recognize the student organization that has made the greatest contribution to the University community.
  • The nominator should consider educational, cultural, and service contributions to Butler University and the greater community.
  • The advisor award is presented to one faculty or staff member who has provided a student organization with outstanding support, service, and guidance throughout the academic year.
  • The awards, named for long-time staff member Candy Brady, are present to the winning organization and advisor each spring semester.


If a bonfire is planned on University property or in connection with a University sponsored or supported event at another location, a review of the plans will be conducted. Primary responsibility for the conduct at the bonfire, and the safety of the participants, spectators, and others will remain with the sponsoring organization or group. The review by the University will be to assist the sponsor in carrying out their responsibilities and to coordinate the activities of interested parties.

All bonfire events must be scheduled by filling out a space registration form online at, in addition to the bonfire request sheet found on the BUPD website below. To review the complete bonfire guideline, visit the BUPD website.

Hosting Conferences

If a group is considering hosting a conference on campus, they must first receive submit a proposal to the Director of PuLSE for approval.

Groups cannot agree to serve as conference hosts until they receive approval.

Hazing and Pre-Initiation Activities

The University does not tolerate hazing by any group or individual affiliated with Butler University. Hazing is defined as any action taken or situation created intentionally, whether on or off campus premises, that produces mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment, or ridicule. Hazing is not limited to new members but extends to all aspects of organization activities.

Such activities and situations include but not limited to: creation of excessive fatigue, sleep deprivation, physical and psychological shock, publicly wearing apparel that is conspicuous and not normally in good taste, engaging in stunts and jokes, morally degrading or humiliating games and activities, late-night sessions that interfere with scholastic activities and any other activities not consistent with the regulations and policies of Butler University.

Any individual or organization involved in a hazing incident is subject to disciplinary procedures. Students should also be aware that hazing is a crime under Indiana law. Please see the Student Handbook for a more in depth explanation of this policy.

This verbiage should be listed in your constitution as a student club and organization, "No hazing or discrimination will be used as a condition of membership in <insert club name>"

Nondiscrimination Policy

All student organizations must abide by and have the nondiscrimination policy in their constitutions.

Insert organization name "will not discriminate on the basis of   race, color, sex, marital status, religion, creed, national origin, disability, age, military or veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression or any other protected characteristic."