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Student Involvement
Student Involvement and Leadership


Permission to hold any function or event that sells goods, collects money, or collects donated items must be obtained from Programs for Leadership and Service Education. Forms are available in the office of Programs for Leadership and Service Education and require the signature of the faculty/staff advisor and Director of Greek Affairs (if sponsoring organization is Greek). If the sponsoring organization is Greek, the Director of Greek Affairs will approve the Fundraising Proposal Form. The Fundraising Proposal Form may also be downloaded. 

  • Before a student organization begins a fundraising project, approval must be obtained from a PuLSE staff member or the Director of Greek Life, as well as, the Faculty/Staff Advisor of the organization. If the sponsoring organization is Greek the PuLSE staff member does not need to approve the request only the Director of Greek Life.
  • Fundraising Applications are available in the PuLSE Office, online, or in the Greek Life Director's office.
  • The form should be submitted to the PuLSE office two weeks prior to the event.
  • The forms should be completed for all fundraisers, whether the student organization is raising money for its own use or for an outside charity. The form also applies to in-kind donations and donation drives.
  • All funds derived from the fundraiser must be deposited into the student organization account at the PuLSE office. Disbursements from these funds are to be processed by the PuLSE office as well. The only exception to this is if a group is collecting donations in the form of checks for a charity and those checks are made out directly to the charity.
  • Any organization sponsoring a fundraiser is responsible for all incurred debts.
  • Ticket/Money Raffles are considered "gaming/gambling" according to Indiana State Law. If an organization is considering this, please talk to the staff in PuLSE.
  • All fundraisers must conform to the Butler University Student Handbook and avoid demeaning sexual, racial, or other discriminatory references and not promote the abuse of alcohol.
  • There are certain restrictions to food and other outside vendors due to campus-wide contracts which include Pepsi and the Food Guideline. Outside groups brought in for fundraising purposes must be approved by the Director of the PuLSE Office. Credit card companies will not be approved. Groups seeking assistance in planning a fundraiser may contact the PuLSE Office.
  • Student organizations must comply with the roadside solicitation policy of Marion County which does not allow solicitation of funds within 50 feet of an intersection controlled by an automatic traffic signal or stop sign as well as the Indiana Code that does not allow stopping or impeding traffic for the solicitation of funds.


Gambling is not acceptable for any recognized student organization. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Raffles where tickets for the raffle are sold in exchange for an opportunity to win money or a prize(s)
  • Betting
  • Wagering
  • Selling pools on any event, including University athletic events.