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Student Involvement
Student Involvement and Leadership


All recognized student organizations are eligible for obtaining a student account. New student organizations must come to the PuLSE office to request an account be established. It is the responsibility of the members of the RSO to maintain a positive balance in their account and spend organization funds in accordance with the guidelines in the Butler University Student Handbook. It is recommended that financial transactions be handled by a select few officers of the organizations so that better tabs may be kept on the budget. Student organization balances roll over from one year to another.

Greek housing units must have a Butler student organization account which is used primarily to charge copy center expenses, bookstore charges, mail charges, food service charges, facilities management expenses, and public safety charges. It is suggested that copies of these charges be sent to the PuLSE Office. At the beginning of the academic year, a positive balance must be in the account against which charges can be made during the year.

Every student organization must maintain its financial account at Butler University. Records of student organization accounts are maintained in the PuLSE office. All deposits, withdrawals, and check requests should be made through this office. Outside bank accounts are strictly prohibited. There are several reasons for this: 1) treasurers change each year, and records are apt to get lost or not forwarded, 2) maintenance of records by the PuLSE office ensures continuity, 3) banking institutions often charge fees, which won't occur through PuLSE, 4) the PuLSE office is more convenient than an off-campus site, and 5) having all funds pass through PuLSE ensures that money be used for authorized expenses only.

Purchasing policies. Purchases made on behalf of an organization must be approved by the faculty/staff advisor prior to actual purchase. Purchases made must have legitimate purposes in regards to the organization's mission and goals and funds must be available in the student organization account. Purchases must also meet the standards set by the University Business Office as well as maintain the standards of the student conduct code. Organizations must have the funds to cover the cost of purchases.

Cash Advances

  • Advance money to cover incidental expenses may be obtained from a student organization account.
  • Event limit per organization is $200. A student may only have one cash advance out at a time, regardless of the organization.
  • Cash Advance Forms can be obtained from Programs for Leadership and Service Education (PuLSE).
  • Once signed by a PuLSE staff member, the form can be taken to the Student Accounts window in Jordan Hall to obtain cash.
  • SAVE ALL RECEIPTS of expenditures. These must be ORIGINAL receipts, not copies.
  • Within two weeks of purchase, take all receipts to PuLSE to file an expense report.
  • If a satisfactory expense report is not filed, the account may be frozen and the advance will be charged to the student's individual university account.
  • Student funds may not be used for the purchase of alcoholic beverages.
  • If not all the money is spent, it will be deposited back into the student organization account. If more money was spent than requested, the student will be reimbursed from the student organization account.

Check Requests

Proof of expense (e.g., bill, invoice, etc.) is required by the Business office in order to have a check written out of a student organization account. All bills, invoices, and receipts must be the original and not a copy or fax. The invoice/receipt should be taken to the PuLSE office where a request for payment form will be completed and sent to the Business Office for preparation. The check will then be mailed from the Business Office or can be requested for pick-up in the PuLSE office.

Information needed for check preparation includes the student organization account number, total amount of the check, name and address of the payee, and a completed W-9 form (blank copies can be obtained in PuLSE). Checks CANNOT be processed without this information. Any attachment that needs to accompany the check will also be mailed with the check. Organizations should plan ahead to allow one to two weeks for checks to be processed.


Cash and checks to be deposited into a student organization account should be brought to the PuLSE office.

  • All money should be counted before being brought to the office to ensure the deposit is for the correct amount. Checks must be made out to Butler University in order to be deposited into a student organization account. Large amounts of coins will only be accepted if they are wrapped. The business office will only accept 30 wrapped rolls of coins at a time. Note: They will only accept those 30 coins if they are delivered in a bucket.
  • A receipt will be issued for deposits made and it is the responsibility of the student organization to retain that receipt as deposit confirmation.
  • The Business Office in Jordan Hall will not accept deposits. All deposits need to be processed in the PuLSE office.
  • Any returned checks for insufficient funds will be the responsibility of the registered student organization.

Note: Please avoid storing student group and organization money in your car or home. Depositing the money as soon as possible in the PuLSE office is the easiest and best way to ensure that nothing happens to it. If you have a weekend or evening event and need to keep the money in a safe place until you can deposit it the next business day, work with the PuLSE office to determine a safekeeping alternative.

Monthly Report

A monthly financial report is generated by the Business office and can be obtained by visiting the PuLSE office or sending the PuLSE office an email request ( These reports come out around the 15th of each month. Club Sports financial reports may be obtained in the HRC. It is the responsibility of the treasurer to reconcile the account with his/her own records.

It is important to note that these reports are not up-to-date like an online checking account may be. The report runs through the end of the previous calendar month. The balance at the end of the previous month will be listed at the top left corner of the report as "Ending Bal." If this number is a positive number, it will be in parentheses. If the account is in the negative, the number will not have parentheses.

A notice will be sent to the student organization carrying a negative balance informing them of their account debt. The account must be cleared as soon as possible. Failure to do so will result in the account being "frozen" and the group will not be permitted to participate in campus events, schedule events, book space, or post in the Butler Connection. The organization will also need to compose a letter stating initiatives for not creating a negative balance again with Jesse Wanzo Neader, Assistant Director in the PuLSE office.

If there is a discrepancy in a financial report, a student organization will have 6 months following the end of the fiscal year to inquire about the discrepancy. No corrections will be made after that 6 month period.

Please consult the PuLSE office if there are questions on how to read the financial report.

Purchase Order

On occasion a vendor will require a purchase order (PO) number from a student organization before a purchase can be made.

The following information will be needed to issue a purchase order number:

  • Name/address of the company
  • Federal ID tax number
  • Estimated cost.

PuLSE will submit the request to the Purchasing department, and the student organization will be notified of the PO number. Please allow at least two business days for your PO request.


If a student has incurred an expense for the student organization, they can be reimbursed through the PuLSE office. All that is needed is the original receipt for the expense.

  • If the expense is less than $100.00, a petty cash slip will be issued in the PuLSE office (and a credit card statement is not needed). This slip can be cashed at the Student Accounts window with a Butler photo ID.
  • Reimbursements larger than $100.00 will require a check to be written, which will take approximately one to two weeks to process.
  • Reimbursements for meals or travel purchases require approval from the Business Office, which takes an average of 3 days.
  • No monies are to be used for the purchase of alcohol.
  • No reimbursement will be authorized without proof of expense. The Business office requires itemized receipts for auditing purposes. ALWAYS SAVE RECEIPTS! If you are not given a receipt, ask for one.
  • Mileage: To be reimbursed for mileage, a student needs to contact the PuLSE office with the following information: date of trip, destination, purpose of the trip, and mileage (MapQuest or Google Map directions printout is ideal). The reimbursement will be taken from the student organization account.
  • All employee (faculty/staff advisors) reimbursements must be submitted using the Expense Report Form as found on the shared server. This can be completed through the PuLSE office as well.

Journal Vouchers

A journal voucher (JV) is a way to move money internally from department/student organization to department/student organization. You can process a journal voucher by coming into the PuLSE office.