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Information Commons
Information Commons


Since its inception in 2009, the program has been committed to providing its student employees with experiential learning opportunities revolving around twenty-first century skills, self-development, and professional growth. 

Learning Goals for Students in the Program

Students will develop, apply, and promote twenty-first century skills:

  • Find, understand, evaluate, and use information, technology, and media ethically and legally 
  • Communicate effectively to foster collaboration in a project-based environment 
  • Apply integrative, critical, and creative thinking to address problems 
  • Expand global and social awareness, particularly as related to the information ecosystem 


Through reflective practice, students will progress in their professional and self-development:

  • Connect academic, personal, and career goals to work experiences to lay foundation for lifelong learning 
  • Participate in a professional environment by embracing service expectations, respecting policy, and engaging in organizational and self-assessment. 
  • Cultivate learning and skill development in others 

How to Apply

When positions are available, applications are accepted via Handshake

If you have questions, you may contact