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On-Campus Employment

Student Employment at Butler

On-campus employment opportunities exist within nearly every office and department at Butler. Some of the many areas that employ students include: academic departments, business offices, intramurals, athletics, laboratories, tutoring, information technology, music teaching, theatre, telecommunications, residential halls, admissions, the Health and Recreation Complex (HRC), and nonprofit organizations. If you are a student interested in working part-time, here are some resources that will guide you through the application process:

  • Handshake - Our online career management system provides access to on-campus and off-campus employment opportunities.
  • Student Employment FAQs - These are some frequently asked questions regarding student employment at Butler. 
  • New Hire Paperwork Packet - If you have never worked in an on-campus position, you will need to complete some preliminary paperwork. 

Here are some resources for current student employees:

Important Dates:

  • August 1, 2019 - Students eligible for Federal Work Study funds may begin applying to on-campus and Federal Work Study jobs through Handshake.
  • August 10, 2019 - All students may begin applying to on-campus jobs through Handshake.

Please note: Securing an on-campus job is extremely competitive. While the resources above are a good start, we strongly suggest networking with staff, faculty, and other students as a way to find employment that may not be posted online. Students may also request a resume critique appointment by contacting Internship and Career Services at (317) 940-9383 or

What Do I Need Before I Work on Campus?

If you plan on securing on-campus employment for the first time, you will be asked to complete New Hire Paperwork for your on-campus position. As shown in the hyperlink above, the New Hire Paperwork includes federal and state tax paperwork. Most importantly, the I-9 must be completed to verify identity and work authorization for anyone hired in the United States. Part of the I-9 completion process requires that you present acceptable identification documents to your employer (e.g. faculty and staff supervisors). This link explains which documents are acceptable. Documents MUST be unexpired originals. Photocopies and scanned images will not be accepted. Document types can be found on page 3 of the I-9.

How Do I Complete the New Hire Paperwork Forms?

As a student employee, you are responsible for completing the Butler University Human Resources Acknowledgement Policy form, only the first page of the I-9 (SKIP page 2 because your supervisor is responsible for completing that portion of the I-9), the W4, and lastly the WH-4. You will also need to present 2 original forms of identification documents listed on page 3 of the I-9.

How Do I Receive My Paychecks?

You can opt to get paid by check (available for pick up from Student Accounts) or direct deposit. If interested in the latter, please complete the direct deposit form and bring it to Catherine Judson in Human Resources (JH 052).

Can I Work as Many Hours as I Want?

Butler students are not allowed to work more than cumulative 16 hours per week. 

Maximizing the Student Employment Experience

Do you consider working part-time as "just a job"? The reality is that your on-campus work experience is so much more than that! Using your time wisely while you work is going to positively impact your life professionally, academically, and personally. Take pride in the fact that you are working in addition to being in school.  Find out five ways to maximize your time. Also, Affordable Colleges Online has some great information for you to think through as well.


Questions regarding on-campus employment can be directed to Alyssa Laskowski at (317) 940-6562 or