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ICS Background
Internship & Career Services

Internship Coordinators

Department Coordinator Room Phone

Elise Edwards 

JH349C 940-9743
Arts Administration Susan Zurbuchen LH131 940-9463
Biological Sciences Shelley Etnier GH253 940-9748
Center for Faith and Vocation Marguerite Stanciu Blue House 923-7252
Center for Urban Ecology (CUE) Julia Angstmann GH069 940-6506
Chemistry Michael Samide GH317 940-9973
Classics Chris Bungard 206B 940-9497
College of Communication Scott Bridge FB118B 940-8013
College of Education Katie Russo JH184A 940-9331
Computer Science Jon Sorenson FB158 940-9765
Engineering Jessica McCormick JH247 940-9021
English William Walsh JH302B 940-9545
Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies (GWSS) Irune Gabiola JH 386 940-6952
Health Sciences Amy Peak PB402D 940-9870
International Studies     Eloise Sureau-Hale JH 388 940-9588
Lacy School of Business Kim Goad HB123C 940-8711
Math & Actuarial Science William W. Johnston JH270 940-9521
Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures (MLLC) Alex Quintanilla JH392 940-8557
Music Education Penny Dimmick LH242 940-6422
Peace and Conflict Studies (PACS) Margaret Brabant JH 349C 940-9683
Pharmacy Meghan Bodenberg PB203C 940-8692
Philosophy & Religion Tibi Popa JH202C 940-9052
Physician Assistant Jennifer Guthrie PB203D 940-9639
Physics & Astronomy Brian Murphy GH239 940-9282
Political Science Greg Shufeldt JH347B 940-9571
Psychology Joel Martin JH288 940-9971
Science, Technology and Environmental Studies (STES) Carol Reeves  JH 325B 940-9858
Sociology Krista Cline  JH371A 940-6176
Theatre Diane Timmerman LH151 940-9875

*If you would like contact information added or updated for your department, please contact ICS at (317) 940-9383 or e-mail the updates to