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Internship & Career Services

Employing Students

Student Hiring Process - two types of student hires

  1. New Hire: student who does not currently have an on-campus position and must submit New Hire Paperwork Packet; the student and the supervisor must also complete and submit their respective portions of the I-9 form before entering an eHire. All of the aforementioned paperwork is to be submitted to Internship and Career Services - AU315.
  2. Existing Hire: A student who currently has an on-campus position; the supervisor need only complete the eHire form in the my.butler portal

Housed on Butler's campus but NOT considered to be Butler University student on-campus employment. Therefore, have their own separate hiring process:

  • Butler Dinings Services (Starbucks, Dining Halls)
  • Follett (Bookstore)
  • Scotty's Dawghouse
  • RuffaloNoelLevitz (Butler Telefund)
  • Metro Diner
    • Contact each individual organization to inquire about their hiring process. 

Changes to eHire

There’s been a small update in the eHire process for student supervisors that will go into effect January 16, 2019. The update will help HR reduce the number of employee records we have for each student. Supervisors will be asked to complete an additional step before completing the regular eHire process.

Supervisors will always select ‘Send the request to an HR Administrator to process’.  No other option should ever be selected.

Download a screenshot of the eHire update.


New Hire Paperwork Packet (I-9 with color photocopies and Federal and State Tax Forms)

As mentioned above, students who do not currently hold on-campus employment are "New Hires" and will need to submit the paper forms by the first day of employment - Training is considered employment.  The packet can be downloaded and printed below: 

New Hire Paperwork Packet 

To be completed by all first time student employees by their first date of employment.
Grant Funded Student Employee form 
*Only for students being paid through an internal/external grant

Changing Pay Rates, Supervisors, and Budget Codes: 

  • Status Change Formstack Form
    This allows you to update the following: Pay Rate, Primary Supervisor, Account/Combo Code, Job Title, and Backup Time Approver.

  • New Position Formstack Form
    If you are creating a position that has never existed at Butler, you will need to complete the "Create a New Position Formstack Form. Once processed, you will receive a four-digit Position Number from the Office of Human Resources, within three business days.  

     All required forms are linked to this document in a printable, .pdf format. 


eHire Help: Supervisor Guides

Screenshot Guides

How do I hire a student? 

How do I know if the student I want to hire is a New Hire (e.g. Needs an I-9 and tax forms)? 

How do I check the status of students submitted via eHire? 

How do I terminate a student employee in eHire? 

How do I view student compensation rates, position numbers, etc.? 

How do I fill out the supervisor portion of the I-9? 


Questions about Student Employment?

Please contact Alyssa Laskowski in ICS at (317) 940-6562 or or Catherine Judson in HR at or (317) 940-2014. 

How to Complete the I-9

A Word to Supervisors

If you wish to hire a student employee, you are responsible for completing the eHire process within the my.butler portal in addition to submitting any necessary paperwork to Internship and Career Services (ICS). Student employees are employees of Butler University and are covered by workmen's compensation. Therefore, after offering a student a position, all eHire forms and paperwork processes MUST be completed prior to the first day of work - training is considered work. Students MAY NOT begin working before that time. All questions can be directed to Alyssa Laskowski at (317) 940-6562 or  

Posting Your Position to Handshake

We regularly hear from and meet with students who are actively seeking on-campus employment. They often ask why more on-campus positions are not posted in Handshake, and have expressed a great interest in having a centralized location to house existing jobs. When posting a job in Handshake, you can specify an end date for applications, narrow your search to students with specific majors, and have student applications emailed to you. If you would like to post a position in Handshake or learn more about how to use it, please contact Internship and Career Services at (317) 940-9383 or

Approving Time for Students

The following guide explains how to input and approve time for student employees in my.butler

Approve Hours Guide for Supervisors

Student Time, Student Payment, and Payroll Schedule

How does a student log hours in my.butler? Screenshot Guide 

When are student employees paid? Payroll Schedule 

How does a student set up direct deposit? Students must complete direct deposit form and submit to Catherine Judson in JH052.

What Information Should I Send the Student?

You may also send students you wish to hire to the on-campus employment page.

Can I Enter my Student Employees' Work Hours for Them?

Yes! Please download this guide to see how to enter your student employees' hours for them.

Maximizing the Student Employment Experience

We are all extremely busy, but we should try not to forget what our first priority is as employees of Butler University.  We are here to support students as they become educated members of society.  Every supervisor has the ability to allow students the opportunity to grow professionally in their on-campus jobs.  In addition to all of the great work you do, here are five extra tips on ways to aid your student employee, and yourself.