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Career Communities

Career Communities

Why Should I Be Involved in a Career Community?

Employers: Employers are encouraged to participate in our Career Community related events throughout the academic calendar year! Employers will be given the opportunity to:

  • Build your brand on campus and strengthen your talent pipeline through active engagement of interested students and alumni.
  • Connect with students and alumni about common career interest areas through meaningful dialogue.
  • Share career information and build relationships on campus while keeping your brand name in the forefront of active students.


Alumni: Looking for a way to stay engaged with your alma mater? Career Communities give you the opportunity to engage with students, employers and Butler faculty/staff about common industry areas of interest. Alumni are essential partners to Butler students, and by participating in Career Communities alumni can:

  • Connect with students about common career interest areas online or in-person when it is convenient for you. 
  • Share career advice and build personal relationships with active students.
  • Engage with students through meaningful dialogue that could potentially transcend their professional success.


Students: Career Communities is an extensive network that allows you access to insider information and advice that is essential for career development. In addition to getting the opportunity to meet and network with professionals and alumni in the industries you are passionate about, you will also:

  • Get exclusive email alerts about events, programs, and fairs that involve an industry area.
  • Receive targeted information and resources.
  • Get connected to employers, alumni, and others that want to help you on your career path.
  • Once more communities are up and running, you can join others as well.


Explore ICS Career Communities:

Nonprofit & Government 
Sports Industry 


How Can I Get Involved?

Please contact Sierra Mathews in the ICS office (