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Human Resources
Human Resources

Compensation and Classification Study Frequently Asked Questions

Update to Campus 11/15/18

An email went out to Faculty and Staff on November 15 updating them on the Compensation and Classification study progress and next steps. The FAQs were also added to and you can view them below using your address and password:

Update to Campus 1/17/17

An email went out to Faculty and Staff on January 17 updating them on the Compensation and Classification study progress and next steps.

Update to Campus—12/1/17

An email went out to Faculty and Staff on December 1, 2017 updating them on 2018 Merit Increases as well as the progress of the Compensation and Classification Study. If you missed the email, please review it here.

More information about the Compenastion and Classification study will be communicated mid-January. 

What is the objective of the Compensation Study?

The purpose of the study is to ensure position titles and descriptions accurately reflect responsibilities and salary ranges are internally equitable and competitive within employment markets. 

In addition, Butler wanted to develop: 

  • A compensation architecture and supporting processes and policies that are adequately positioned to meet the University’s hiring and retention needs
  • A salary structure for non-faculty positions that is streamlined to reinforce our organization-wide vision and is designed to ensure internal equity
  • Pay for faculty and staff that is competitive in the markets where Butler competes for talent
  • Job descriptions that are complete and up-to-date
  • Pay equity—internally and externally—that is supported by quantitative market analysis and rigorous benchmarking

How can I stay informed?

Regular project updates will be provided via forums, The Connection, and the new employee newsletter, BU at Work. You can also view the 2017 Compensation and Classification Study presentation and review the below FAQs. 

Who is conducting the study?

Conduent Human Resource Services, a national consulting firm, has been engaged to assist with the project. Butler Human Resources and the Provost's Office are working collaboratively to lead the project. 

What is the timeline for the study?

Human Resources is in the process of completing the data analysis, drafting more comprehensive FAQs, and finalizing the remainder of the project timeline with Conduent and University Leadership. The FAQs and more information will be provided early January.

Throughout the month of January, HR will be coordinating efforts throughout the month of January to ensure that pay adjustments will be made early next year.  

How will this study impact me as an employee?

This study may not result in an immediate impact to you as an individual employee. However, the study will result in accurate job descriptions consisting of requirements and qualifications for each position within the University. 

Will the study result in me losing my job? Will I have to justify Butler’s need for my position?

Job elimination is not an intended outcome of the study. The exercise of drafting your job description will result in the more accurate and up-to-date job documentation, assist with meeting the objective of the study, and also maintain employment compliance. 

Will I be able to update my job description?

All job descriptions will be updated by managers with input from the employee. Select staff will be chosen to complete, with their manager, an updated and accurate job description. The process will utilize the new position criteria format that will be developed as part of the study.

Will my pay be reduced?

Although realignment of jobs as assigned within a pay structure is a normal occurrence when establishing a new, market-driven compensation structure, it is not the intention that anyone’s pay will be reduced.  University leadership will make appropriately timed salary adjustments based on recommendations from Conduent Human Resources Services and after review by the Human Resources Compensation Team.  

Will this study address career paths?

One of the goals of this study is to create a better understanding of the progression of staff and administrative positions at Butler University.  This includes better defining the developmental requirements needed to further the careers of all Butler employees.

What is changing in the new job classification system?

The most significant and tangible changes in the new classification system include:

  • a set of standardized job descriptions that are employee-accessible;
  • new salary grades and a new salary range structure for staff;
  • increased transparency into how the system and its components are designed and administered.

What is HRTMS?

HRTMS is the software company that created the Job Information and Description Management tool, JDXpert. JDXpert is an application dedicated solely to job description management. As a part of this study, Butler will utilize JDXpert to craft and house employee job descriptions.

Will employees receive the results of the study?

At the close of the study, there will be several forums in which the broad results will be shared.  In addition the new compensation and classification structure, including salary ranges, will be shared with the employees. 

Are there any processes that will change during the study?

The current Position Review process (PRC) will be modified during the study.  Currently, any changes to positions or pay are reviewed by the Committee.  During the study, the Committee will only review requests to fill vacant positions.

For more information contact the Compensation and Total Rewards Team at