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History, Anthropology & Classics

History & Anthropology Graduates

The integration of History and Anthropology curricula at Butler means our graduates offer cross-disciplinary skills that lead to numerous, sometimes overlapping career paths.

Our students have succeeded in non-profit work, social services, art and culture professions (e.g. museum administration), education, healthcare, and business. Others work in international relations, public relations, journalism, library sciences, museums and archival work, intelligence services, market research, education, and political and government work.

A good proportion go directly to top-level law schools. They are also well prepared for advanced graduate study in history, anthropology and other social sciences, and professional programs, including public health, museum studies, library sciences, social work, medical school, and business.

Here are some recent graduate success stories:

Jimmy Rick ’15

Jimmy Rick, a History/Anthropology combined major, studied abroad in Vietnam during his junior year and completed an internship at the Indiana Historical Society, with plans to pursue a PhD  in history. Learn more about Jimmy.

Lea Levy ’15

Lea Levy is now in Bogota, Columbia teaching English as a Fulbright Fellow. She spent all of her junior year abroad—a semester in France, the other in Germany. She speaks four languages fluently: French, English, Spanish, and German. She was actively involved with the Jewish student organization Hillel while at Butler, and completed an honors thesis on the effects of EU policies on citizen's sense of "European identity." 

Lesley Jordan ’08

Lesley Jordan completed a master’s degree in Social Work at IUPUI after graduating from our program. Since then she has worked for several social services agencies in the city and has become a leader in the community on homeless issues. She is now completing a degree in therapeutic massage in the hopes of using her talents in a hospital setting to help disadvantaged clients.


Alex Gallucci ’07

Alex Gallucci is currently a judicial clerk for the Michigan Supreme Court and the Honorable Justice Stephen J. Markman. Alex graduated at the top of his law school class at the University of Notre Dame in 2012, and previously worked as an attorney for the Michigan ACLU and for Legal Aid of Western Michigan. Prior to starting law school, he participated in AmeriCorps as a Volunteer Historical Educator.

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