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History & Anthropology

Departmental Honors

The purpose of departmental honors is to reward students for exceptional achievement within their major. Students are nominated for departmental honors by the head of the department of their academic major. Three levels of departmental honors are awarded:

Honors High Honors Highest Honors
3.6 GPA in the Major 3.7 GPA in the Major and either Comprehensive Examination OR Honors Thesis 3.8 GPA in the Major and Comprehensive Examination AND Honors Thesis


Honors Thesis:

The thesis is a major research or creative project, usually (but not necessarily) in the field of the student's major, and advised by a full-time faculty member. The project begins following approval of the thesis proposal, and the completed thesis is due on the Friday after spring break.   

Comprehensive Examination: 

This exam is developed and administered by the department. It includes a written component. It also includes a component that is common to all students, and that tests their understanding of core knowledge in the discipline. The questions require synthesis of ideas and comprehensive reflection about a substantial portion of the student's coursework in the department.