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History, Anthropology & Classics

Caitlin Gill ’08

Caitlin GillCaitlin Gill earned her Anthropology degree from Butler in 2008, with a minor in Biology. She is now a Medical Economics Analyst for Family Health Network (FHN) in Chicago, Illinois.

“I work collaboratively with clinical teams to understand our data and ensure that functionality and delivery are consistent and effective,” she said.

Among her many duties, Gill:

  • Performs periodic and ad hoc reporting for several FHN departments, from network, development, and finance to medical management and marketing
  • Develops reports and analysis for disease and case management, pharmacy reporting, and special projects and initiatives
  • Prepares and presents key strategic and tactical clinical analytics that drive FHN’s key improvements, savings and case management

The research and writing skills she developed in the Butler Anthropology program have helped her “stand out in the data analyst field,” Gill said.

“I think analytically and have personal skills which I apply towards communicating technical results to audiences that have no background in ‘techy’ statistics or ‘data’ and need to have a "real" way of having it explained to them.

“My Anthropology degree and all that encompasses really tie in well with who I am as a person—my values, what motivates me, and what an ideal position for me would look like,” she said.

Gill has also worked a Data Analyst for Valence Health, Chicago, and as an Epidemiologist for the Indiana State Department of Health. She earned a Master of Public Health degree in Epidemiology from Indiana University School of Medicine (2011).