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History & Anthropology

Butler’s Department of History & Anthropology offers a highly personalized undergraduate degree in History that encourages students to explore various disciplines in order to more completely understand human values and the course of history. 

With a minimum of prescribed courses, our curriculum allows you to follow your curiosity and feel free to discover the history of the world through a myriad of course offerings exploring the underlying factors of people’s journey through the ages. 

An undergraduate degree in Anthropology explores the human condition from a range of perspectives. We focus on cultural anthropology and research methods critical to understanding the complexities of the modern world. Students graduate prepared for a wide range of careers—including field archaeology, law, public policy, and library sciences—and ready to compete in top-level graduate programs. 

By producing original work through course research assignments, and possibly self-designed honors thesis projects, students learn how to think critically and write effectively. They leave our program equipped to carefully investigate issues and creatively solve problems on their own—essential skills for any future career direction. 

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