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Healthy Horizons

The Healthy Horizons program started in 2004 with the purpose of promoting healthy living by providing a comprehensive and confidential wellness package to Butler University faculty and staff. The program assists employees with improving their health, provides ongoing information and health education programs, and helps identify health risks and ways to reduce those risks. The program is conducted by the Health and Wellness Center, part of the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.

New Healthy Horizons Wellness Incentives and Programs Available

All Butler employees (full- or part-time), as well as spouses enrolled in Butler's group health plan have the opportunity to obtain $100 annually when you complete a Wellness Consult through Healthy Horizons. Based on your Wellness Consult results an additional $150 can be obtained through the completion of health coaching sessions. The number of health coaching sessions required for the additional $150 is determined by results from your Wellness Consult. Please see below for details regarding these new Healthy Horizons Wellness Incentives and  Programs. 

Learn about the Healthy Horizons Wellness Program.

Health Services

We provide comprehensive and confidential wellness packages at no charge to Butler faculty and staff. In addition to this, we offer several health management and education services.

Health Programs

Healthy Horizons offers a number of programs and incentives for faculty and staff, as well as spouses enrolled in Butler’s health plan.


Community health events, walking routes, and heart healthy resources—find the educational and wellness resources to help you reach your health goals.

Success Stories

Contact Healthy Horizons if you would like to share your success story with the Butler Community.