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Health Services

Returning Student Requirements

Annually: Health Insurance

It has been a long-standing policy of the University to require that students possess health insurance while attending Butler University. This policy protects a family's investment should unexpected medical issues arise. We also know that people seek healthcare at earlier stages when they possess insurance. Early assessment and treatment is particularly important in a highly residential environment such as our campus.

  • Full-time, degree-seeking undergraduates are required to possess health insurance comparable to the University sponsored plan.
  • Graduate students with 6 credits or more are eligible for the Butler-sponsored insurance and must participate in the annual online waiver process.
  • International undergraduates must enroll in the University sponsored plan (with the exception of ISEP participants). International graduate students are eligible to enroll in the plan.

We collect students' health insurance information via an online process. On an annual basis all undergraduates and graduates, as stated above, will be requested to either provide their existing health insurance or enroll in the University sponsored program. Students who take no action by the August billing date will be automatically enrolled in and billed for the University sponsored plan. The charge may be removed by visiting the web site and completing the insurance waiver form by established deadlines.

Details on the University sponsored student injury and sickness plan is available at our Insurance Billing page.

How can I waive the Butler sponsored plan?

If you already have a plan and know that you would like to opt out or waive the Butler sponsored plan, during the waiver period, students may access the waiver site to complete and submit a Waiver Request or to voluntarily enroll in the plan.  Failure to complete these steps may result in a late fee.