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Health Services

Local Health Resources

If you are sick after hours:

  • You can schedule 24/7 online on the Health Services Web Portal for a visit the next day. If there are no available appointments for the following day, please call 317-940-9385 as soon as possible the morning you would like to be seen so you can be worked in to see a care provider.
  • If you cannot wait for Health Services to be open, or feel like your symptoms are emergent you can call BUPD 317-940-2873 (BUPD) for assistance.
  • You can seek care at another local Health Care Center, REMEMBER to:
    • Take your Butler ID and drivers license
    • Take your insurance card with you
    • If you have the Butler University Student Health Plan (SHIP), you must inform health services of your visit for proper payment to occur; please call 317-940-8728 the next business day
    • Take your cell phone charger with you, off site visits usually require an extended period of time
    • Please request a copy of your records be sent to Health Services ( 530 W. 49th Street Indianapolis, Indiana 46208) if follow up care is necessary or they can fax it to 317-940-6403, Attention Dr Maria Fletcher