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Fraternity House
Greek Life


For the 2021 Recruitment Process PHA will conduct a fully virtual process and IFC will start their process virtually and then shift to a hybrid in-person/online process which will adhere to COVID-19 Health and Safety Standards. 


One of the many positive features of our campus is the strong Greek community, with 13 national fraternity and sorority chapters, as well as opportunities to join NPHC city-wide chapters. The long tradition of excellence in academics, campus leadership, and community service established by members of Butler's chapters is one you will want to seriously consider as you become acquainted with the Butler community.  

Joining a Greek organization has many personal benefits. For many of our students, the opportunity to make new friends is the most important aspect. You will be welcomed into a community of students who will stand beside you, support you, encourage you and respect you. These members will become like your brothers or sisters - friends for the rest of your life. The meaning of sisterhood or brotherhood refers to a sense of family that Greek organizations provide.

It is vital that you keep an open mind during the recruitment process. Every chapter wants to find the potential members that will benefit its organization and you want to find the chapter that will benefit you. The easiest way to do this is to meet members from all of the chapters:

  • Go to the Student Involvement Fair during Welcome Week
  • Go to all-campus events sponsored by individual chapters, Panhellenic and IFC
  • Study with classmates who are fraternity/sorority members
  • Take part in chapter-sponsored philanthropic projects/events
  • Attend Panhellenic Association, Interfraternity Council, or NPHC chapter-sponsored events,such as Open Houses, guest speakers, and Greek Life interest sessions
  • Above all, meet a variety of people and make friends!

Each Greek chapter is a values-based organization; as you participate in the process, find out what values are important to the members of each chapter. This will be important to you, since membership in a Greek organization is for a lifetime. It is also important to ask questions about what each chapter expects with regard to time commitment, financial obligation, and academic expectations. You have the right to know this information before joining any organization.

During the fall semester, the chapters and councils will host a number of events to introduce the chapters and the recruitment process.  Please visit the calendar often for an up-to-date listing of events.  Some fraternities and sororities may be looking for additional members in the fall. Please remember that only sophomores, juniors, and seniors are able to participate and join a chapter during fall open recruitment. Contact information for recruitment chairpersons is available in the Office of Greek Life.

Formal recruitment for NIC fraternity and NPC sorority chapters begins prior to the beginning of the spring semester. Recruitment is open to all students who:

  • have successfully completed 12 credit hours
  • have achieved a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 for fraternities or 2.75 for sororities
  • have submitted a completed registration form by the applicable deadline
  • are not on probation with Butler University for any reason

Please note: because the standards are agreed upon by the respective chapters, no potential member's GPA will be rounded upward in consideration of eligibility. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors should be aware that the standard is based only on cumulative GPA. These academic standards are also in effect for eligible chapters and students participating in open recruitment.

Formal recruitment is the best opportunity to be introduced to all of the respective IFC fraternities and Panhellenic sororities. Advanced registration is required and takes place during the fall semester. Complete your application as soon as possible, but only if you are certain that you want to participate. Any required recruitment fee will not be refunded. Registration for both IFC and Panhellenic recruitment is an online process; look for more information during the fall semester.

NPHC chapters, the historically Black fraternities and sororities, set their own timeline for recruitment within their respective national organization's guidelines. For more information, contact the Director of Greek Life.

Recruitment Tips

There is nothing more important than being yourself during recruitment. Do not try to fit into an image you perceive to be cool or ""right."" By being yourself, you'll be in a better position to make the decision that's right for you.

As a prospective member, you are encouraged not to post (or allow your friends to post) any photos or information about yourself on Facebook that you'd be embarrassed to show your grandmother, a professor, or a potential employer. Remember, anyone with a campus e-mail address can see your profile. Potential members should not be communicating with chapter members via Facebook during formal recruitment.

Evaluate carefully. Joining a fraternity or sorority is an important decision. Be sure that the organization that has given you a bid is the one that you want to join. You do not have to accept a bid. If you are uncertain, remember that there are multiple opportunities to participate in both formal and open recruitment. Sophomores and juniors are pledged every year through both open and formal recruitment.

Alcohol is not allowed at any recruitment event or activity. Policies of both NIC and NPC, the governing organizations for many of Butlers Greek organizations, and university policies stipulate that all events and activities associated with Greek recruitment must be alcohol free. Violation of this rule is a serious infraction and any chapter found responsible is subject to severe disciplinary action.

Some useful questions you might want to ask during recruitment are:

  • What values are important to your organization?
  • How much emphasis does your chapter place on scholarship?
  • What types of scholarship programs are offered by your chapter?
  • What is your new member education/orientation program like? What is its purpose?
  • How involved is your chapter with IFC/Panhel, Student Government, and other student organizations?
  • What kind of time commitment will be expected of me as a new member? As a member?
  • How will your organization help prepare me for graduation and life after college?
  • How much will joining your organization cost?
  • What is your live-in/live-out policy for members?
  • What kind of social activities do you have each year?
  • In what types of community service does your organization participate?
  • What are the requirements for living in the chapter house?
  • What makes your chapter unique?

What is Not Allowed?

In order to maintain a fair and equitable recruitment process, each potential member is entitled to make his or her own decision without pressure or outside influence. There are specific rules, guidelines and procedures followed by the participating sororities and fraternities and the Panhellenic Association and the Interfraternity Council.

Statements and situations that would be considered inappropriate are those that may imply that a bid is being promised or guaranteed, or that a chapter member is attempting to unfairly influence you. If you experience any situation where comments like these are said, please contact your Recruitment Counselor, any Panhellenic/Interfraternity Council officer or the Director of Greek Life.

Prospective Member's Bill of Rights (from the National Panhellenic Conference)

  1. The right to be treated as an individual
  2. The right to be fully informed about the recruitment process
  3. The right to ask questions and to receive true and objective answers from Recruitment Counselors and members
  4. The right to make one's own decision and accept full responsibility for the results of that decision
  5. The right to ask how and why and receive straight answers
  6. The right to be treated as a capable and mature person
  7. The right to confidentiality when sharing information with Recruitment Counselors
  8. The right to make informed choices without undue pressure from others
  9. The right to be fully informed about the binding agreements implicit in the preference card signing
  10. The right to be treated with respect
  11. The right to have positive, safe, and enriching recruitment and pledging/orientation experiences