Graduate and Professional School Preparation

Recent Butler grads have been accepted into these and other graduate school programs:

  • Medicine: Indiana University (IU), Harvard, Louisville, Georgetown, Stanford
  • Veterinary Medicine: Purdue, Michigan State
  • Law: DePaul, Notre Dame, IU, Loyola, Boston
  • Dentistry: Louisville, Creighton, IU
  • Optometry: IU

The Center for High Achievement and Scholarly Engagement (CHASE) will guide your exploration of professional careers with networking events, job shadowing, guest speakers, workshops, and student societies. CHASE and mentors in your chosen field will recommend undergraduate courses you should take, such as our pre-health curriculum or classes that build the critical-thinking and communication skills desired in law.

When you’re ready to apply to professional graduate programs, CHASE will advise you on filling out applications, writing personal statements, even preparing for entrance exams, such as the GRE, MCAT, LSAT, and GMAT.