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Application Instructions for Incoming Exchange Students

Application Instructions for Incoming Exchange Students

Instructions for The CGE’s Online Application System

  1. Go to our Butler University Application for Exchange Student Admission. Click Apply Now to get started on your application.

    Terra Dotta - Apply Now

  2. In a pop-up box, the system asks if you're sure you want to create an application. Click OK

    Terra Dotta - Create Application

  3. Select I do not have login credentials to this site. (Once you are accepted into Butler, you will receive a Butler username and password.)

    Terra Dotta - How Are You Logging In?

  4. Complete all portions of the New User Form and click Create Account. You will receive an automated email from the system shortly with your login information.
    1. First Name, Middle Name, and Last Name - please use what is listed on your passport.
    2. Email - please list whatever email you check regularly.
    3. Date of Birth - you can choose from the calendar that pops up or you can type your birthday in MM/DD/YYY (month, day, year) form.
    4. Gender - please use whatever is listed on your passport.
    5. Partner Institution - please select your institution from the list. If you are an ISEP Exchange student, you do not have to complete this form. If your institution does not show up on this list, please contact Associate Director for Incoming International Exchanges and International Student Services, Ms. Bobbie Gibson (
  5. Once you receive your Login Information email from, you will follow the link in the email, select I have login credentials to this site that I received by email, and log in.

    Terra Dotta - Log In

  6. You'll be prompted to Choose Security Questions. Please choose questions/answers that you will remember! These security questions will be used to confirm your identity to change or reset your password.

    Terra Dotta - Security Questions

  7. You will not be asked to remember the password that was emailed to you - your next step will be to Change Temporary Password. Please note that your new password must: Be at least 8 characters, contain both upper and lower case letters, and contain at least one number. The system will not accept a password that does not contain these strength criteria.

    Terra Dotta - Change Temporary Password

  8. Please choose the Available Program Term for which you are applying. 

    Terra Dotta - Available Term(s)

  9. You're in your online application! Some important information about the application:
    1. Material Submissions - please click on the pink name of each document and read the instructions. You will upload the following documents to the Attached Documents section of the application:
      1. Bank Statement for Financial Means
      2. Course Request Form
      3. Letter of Support for Financial Means
      4. Official Transcripts - you will not upload a copy of this - please follow the directions in that material.
      5. Passport
      6. Proof of English Proficiency (if necessary)
    2. Application Questionnaire(s) - please complete all of the questions that are asked. You may enter information on this form and use the Save button to keep your information until you are ready to submit it. Please note that your application questionnaire is not considered complete and cannot be reviewed until you click the Submit button to finalize your responses.
    3. Attached Documents - this is where you will submit the documents required for your application. Please make sure you follow the instructions listed under each Material Submission component when uploading these documents.
    4. Itinerary - this lists the start date of classes until the last day of finals, as described on the Butler academic calendar. Please DO NOT book your flights based on the dates of the Butler academic calendar. You will receive an email with information on when you should arrive and depart from Butler University. Please use that information to book your flights.