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Center for Global Education
Center for Global Education

Incoming Exchange Students

Butler University welcomes exchange students from partner universities in other countries to spend one or two semesters on our campus. If your home university is one of Butler's student exchange partners (see the list below) or is a member of the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP), you may be eligible to participate in an exchange.

Student exchange programs provide a very cost-effective way for you to have a high-quality overseas educational experience. With a little careful planning—which we and your home university will help you to do—you can expect to spend a semester to two at Butler and still make normal progress toward completing your university degree at home.

Typically, exchange students pay tuition and mandatory fees at their home institution and receive instruction at the host university abroad. The costs of accommodation and meals sometimes are paid to the home university and sometimes are paid to the host university; be sure to check the details of the agreement between Butler and your home institution. Butler University strongly encourages all incoming exchange students to live on campus so you can be fully integrated into campus life.

Contacts at Butler

Sarah O’Neall, M.S.Ed., Associate Director of Exchange Programs
Phone: 317-940-8272
FAX: 317-940-3232

  • Serve as academic advisor to incoming international exchange students
  • Serve as Alternate Responsible Officer for Exchange Visitor (J-1) Program, writes immigration paperwork for incoming exchange students
  • Assist with International Student Orientation, New Student Registration and other needed presentations on campus

Jill McKinney M.A., M.S.Ed., Director of Study Abroad
Phone: 317-940-8473
FAX: 317-940-3232

  • Serve as Butler's Responsible Officer for Exchange Visitor (J-1) Program, process short Term Scholars for academic departments

Jerome Dueweke, Associate Director & Coordinator of International Admission
Phone: 317-940-8103
Fax: 317-940-8150

  • Coordinates recruitment and admissions for international students
  • Processes and sends admit packets with immigration documents

How to Apply

Typically, you must apply to your home university to be selected as an exchange program participant. You should visit your International Office as soon as possible to learn more about the opportunity and to begin the application process.

Once your home university has selected you to participate in the program, you will also need to complete a Butler University application for admission as an exchange student. Application for Exchange Student Admission (PDF).

Your application to Butler must also include:

  1. Evidence of English proficiency if you are not a native speaker of English (you can find a list of acceptable measures of proficiency)
  2. A transcript of your work at your home university
  3. Documentation to show that you have sufficient financial resources to meet your educational and living expenses for your intended period of study at Butler (for exchange students, this is one or two semesters). Financial documentation must include both:
    1. An original and signed affidavit of support or letter of sponsorship from the person(s) assuming responsibility for the applicant's fees associated with a Butler education; and
    2. A sponsor's original or official bank statement or other proof of sufficient funds or official scholarship notification letter from a governmental or private sponsoring agency
  4. Copy of your valid, signed passport
  5. Fill out the Proposed Course Form, including acceptable alternate courses. This does not guarantee enrollment in these courses. 

Certificates of Eligibility (I-20 for F-1 student visas and DS-2019 for J-1 student visas) cannot be issued without complete and official financial documentation.

Butler’s application deadlines for incoming exchange students are May 1 (April 1 is preferable) for fall semester (which begins in late August), and October 1 for spring semester (which begins in early January). Please note: the online course search for Spring 2015 courses will not be live until after October 9, 2014. Therefore, you can submit the application and #1-4 above of application materials and send #5 when you are able to access courses online.

Housing and Estimated Expenses

As long as application deadlines are met, Butler will insure that incoming exchange students have a space in an on-campus residence hall. Many students live in Residential College (ResCo) and are required to purchase a meal plan.

Incoming exchange students who are 21 years of age or older are asked to live in Butler’s new Apartment Village. Each apartment has four single bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a shared kitchen and lounge room. Because they are self-catering, students in the Apartment Village are not required to purchase a meal plan.  The office of student accounts has information about current rates for each housing option, look under Tuition and Payment for the academic year you are coming.

(Note for ISEP participants and students from Lingnan University: our exchange agreements cover placement in a double room in Residential College. If you wish to live in the Apartment Village, you will need to pay the difference in cost.)

You will also be responsible for paying for your international travel, health insurance, books and other personal expenses. For the 2014-2015 academic year, we estimate that exchange students will need approximately $7,300 per semester for such expenses as room and board, books, medical insurance and personal expenses.

All J-1 and F-1 undergraduate students are required to enroll in the Butler University-sponsored health insurance plan provided through United Healthcare regardless of the number of academic credits in which one is enrolled. Travel/health insurance from other study abroad agencies will not meet our requirement. 

The Butler-sponsored plan has been negotiated to provide basic health care with maximum financial benefit to students who seek routine care at our on-campus student health clinic. It covers major medical treatment received in most, if not all, Indianapolis hospitals. Plan coverage extends while students are traveling worldwide with the exception of one's home country. 

International students have three coverage options:

  • Annual year coverage
  • Fall semester only
  • Spring semester and summer terms only

See the benefit plan details and frequently asked questions.

Courses of Study and Pre-registration

Once you are admitted as an exchange student, Butler’s Center for Global Education will help you register for your classes. You will need to communicate with the Center’s Associate Director, Sarah O'Neall, about your academic interests and course preferences.

As an exchange student, you are required by the U.S. government to carry a full-time academic load of at least 12 credits (usually this would be four three-credit courses or “units of study”). Most Butler students take five or six courses per semester for a total of 15-18 credits. Your home university may have its own requirements for how many courses you are expected to take, so be sure to check with the international office there.

When planning for your courses at Butler, it will be important for you to provide us with several alternative selections. Flexibility on your part is necessary for a number of reasons: two courses you are interested in may be scheduled at exactly the same time, so you cannot take both; some courses may require background knowledge that you do not possess; some courses may be in such high demand that no spaces are available, or their seating capacity may be limited because of technology requirements; and so on. Please be aware that the earlier you begin the process of selecting courses, the more choices you will have. 

You can find information about courses of study at Butler online by using the Course Search. Your university's International Office should also have copies of the printed Butler University Bulletin for your reference.

Partner Universities and ISEP

You may be eligible to come to Butler University as an exchange student if your home university is one of our bilateral partners or if it participates in the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) network. Check with the International Office on your campus to learn more.


Australia:  Macquarie University (Sydney); University of Tasmania (Hobart and Launceston); Flinders University (Adelaide); Monash University, Melbourne-Clayton Campus 


Brazil:  Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro


Canada:  HEC - Montréal


Chile:  Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso


China: University of Nottingham (Ningbo campus)


Ecuador: Universidad San Francisco de Quito


England: University of Nottingham; Keele University


France:  Audencia-Nantes School of Management; Kedge Business School (Marseilles)


Germany:  Zeppelin University (Friedrichshafen); SRH Heidelberg; WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management (Vallendar); University of Tübingen


Hong Kong:  Lingnan University; Hong Kong Institute of Education 


Japan:  Ritsumeikan University (Kyoto)


Malaysia: Monash University, Selangor Darul Ehsan Campus 


The Netherlands:  University of Maastricht


New Zealand:  Auckland University of Technology 


South Africa: Monash University, Johannesburg Campus 


Spain: University of Deusto (Bilbao)


Switzerland: University of Zurich 


Taiwan:  National Chengchi University, Taipei


Turkey:  Bogazici University


Wales: Cardiff University - Spring semester only