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Center for Global Education
Center for Global Education

Department Chairs & Deans for Study Abroad

Please use this as a guide as you contact Department Chairs or other appropriate faculty members for course approvals. You will use the official Course Approval Form (included in the Center for Global Education's pre-departure packet) to obtain approvals/signatures prior to your semester or summer abroad.

Andre B. Lacy School of Business

  • Associate Dean, Dr. Bill Templeton, 317-940-940-9419. Holcomb Building, Room 126B

  • Dr. Robert Bennett, 317-940-9502, Holcomb Building, Room 228—Advising for Study Abroad Programs in Germany, only. 

College of Communication

  • Entertainment Media and Journalism, Recording Industry Studies/Digital Media Production/Interactive Media/Sports Media, Journalism/Sports Media
    Dr. Margaretha Geertsema-Sligh,  317-940-6047, Fairbanks Building, Room 118

  • Communication and Media Studies, Human Communication & Organization Leadership, Critical Communication & Media Studies, Dr. Kristin Swenson,  317-940-6466, Fairbanks Building, Room 256

  • Communication Sciences & Disorders, Dr. Mary Gospel, 317-940-8701, Jordan Hall, Room 274C

  • Strategic Communication, Dr. Mark Rademacher,  317-940-9823 Fairbanks Building, Room 238

After all departmental approvals have been obtained, communication courses need to be approved by Dr. Reading.

College of Education

All education courses must first be approved by your academic advisor within COE. 

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

  • Biological Sciences, Dr. Travis Ryan, 317-940-9977, Gallahue Hall, Room 285 

  • Chemistry, Dr. Stacy O’Reilly, 317-940-9806, Gallahue Hall, Room 300

  • Computer Science, Dr. Jonathan Sorenson, 317-940-9765, Fairbanks Building, Room 158 

  • English, Dr. Lee Garver, 317-940-9859, Jordan Hall, Room 309

  • History and Anthropology - Print syllabus and/or course description and bring it, along with the Course Approval Form, to Jordan Hall 349. The Chair will review the course(s) and complete the approval (generally, a few days). Amy Arnold will email you when your signed form is ready to be picked up.

  • Interdisciplinary Programs:

  • Mathematics & Actuarial Science, Dr. Chris Wilson, 317-940-8045, Jordan Hall, Room 270A

  • Modern Languages, Literatures & Cultures (all languages), Dr. Alex Quintanilla, 317-940-8557, Jordan Hall, Room JH 392. Any student anticipating language credit while abroad must see Dr. Quintanilla before departure.  

  • Philosophy, Religion, and Classics, Dr. Tiberiu Popa, 317-940-9052, Jordan Hall, Room 202C

  • Physics and Astronomy, Dr. Gonzalo Ordonez, 317-940-9873, Gallahue Hall, Room 239 

  • Political Science, Dr. Margaret Brabant, 317-940-9683, Jordan Hall, Room 339B

  • Psychology, Dr. Joel Martin, 317-940-9971, Jordan Hall, Room 288

  • Sociology & Criminology, Dr. Antonio Menendez, 317-940-9284, Jordan Hall, Room 371B

College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

  • Associate Dean, Dr. Bonnie Brown, 317-940-8800, Pharmacy and Health Sciences Building, Room 107

All Pharmacy courses need to be approved by Dr. Brown.

Jordan College of the Arts

Core Approval for Study Abroad

  • AR—Contact the department teaching the class, such as MA, CS.

  • GHS—Contact acting GHS Director, Dr. Paul Hanson, 317-940-9679, Jordan Hall, Room 380

  • NW—Contact the department teaching the class, such as BI, PS.

  • PCA—Contact department of English for PCA-EN courses, for all other PCA courses contact the Acting Associate Dean, Prof. Susan Zurbuchen, 317-940-9463, Lilly Hall Room 131

  • PWB—Contact the College of Education, Dr. Mindy Welch, 317-940-9550, Hinkle Fieldhouse, Room 1227

  • SW—Contact the department teaching the class, such as SO, JR, COB, PO, etc.

  • TI—Contact the department teaching the class, such as CL, EN, PL, RL, STS, etc.

  • ICR—Contact the department teaching the class, such as CL, EN, PL, RL, STS, etc.

  • SAC—Contact the department teaching the class, such as CL, EN, PL, RL, STS, etc.

  • WAC—Contact the department teaching the class, such as CL, EN, PL, RL, STS, etc.

Faculty Director of the Core Curriculum, Dr. James McGrath, 317-940-9364, Jordan Hall, Room 206B. 

All Core courses will need approval from the Faculty Director of the Core Curriculum in addition to the area director or department chair. 


Updated on 3/21/2019