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Gender & Sexuality Studies
Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies

GWSS Major and Minor

“Although the major is Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies, the program takes an intersectional approach, is broadly conceived and, of course, includes the critical inquiry of race and class as well. All of our identities hold all of these positions: gender, race, class and sexuality. None of us are more of one than the other, but rather we have integrated identities and the new major is inclusive and representative of this perspective. More and more employers seek graduates who are well prepared to work in a diverse and multicultural world.” — Ann Savage, Professor

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Required courses for the major and minor

  • Core Requirements 
    • GWS 100, Perspectives in Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies (1 hr)
    • GWS 304, Feminist and Queer Theory (3 hrs)
    • GWS 405, Senior Capstone (3 hrs)(Major requirement only)
  • Inquiry into Identity—Select one from the following:
    • GWS 201, Intersections of Identity: Gender, Race, Class and Sexuality (3 hrs)
    • HST 342, Working Women in the Modern City (3 hrs)
  • Activism for Social Change - Select one from the following:
    • GWS 202, Resistance for Social Change (3 hrs)
    • CCM 482, Voices of Dissent & Social Change (3 hrs)
    • PO 375, The Role of Protest in US Politics (3 hrs)
  • Transnational Requirement - Majors select two from the following; Minors select one from the following:
    • AN 315, Gender and Colonialism
    • AN 320, Gender & Sexuality in Globalization
    • AN 322, Sex, Gender & Sexuality in Japan
    • EN 393, Special Topics: Gender, Language and Globalization
    • GWS 303, Special Topics:
    • HST 366, Gender, Sex & Sexuality in Latin America
    • HST 367, Geographies of Desire: Space, Gender, Sexuality
    • JR 418, Gender and Media: Global Views
    • PO 351, African Gender and Sexuality Politics
    • RL 377, Religion, Gender & the Goddess in Asia
  • Majors will take an additional 12 credit hours (no more than 6 in one discipline) and minors will take an additional 6 credit hours of GWSS pre-approved electives. 
  • Students interested in pursuing an honor's degree should contact the director, Dr. Irune Gabiola to discuss requirements.

GWSS Elective Offerings

A separate list of GWSS-approved electives will be published each semester, but examples of courses students have taken for GWSS credit in the past include the following: 

  • AN 342, Science, Technology & Society 
  • AN 380 / HST 305, Special Topics: Witchcraft, Shamanism & the Paranormal
  • AN 380, Special Topics: From Peasant to Princess
  • AN 380, Special Topics: Sex Education Across Cultures
  • ART 315, Postmodernism in the Arts 
  • ART 382, Special Topics: Gender in Art 
  • CCM 330, Representations of Race & Difference
  • CCM 354, Gender and Communication 
  • CCM 376, Film, Culture & Criticism
  • CCM 390, Special Topics: Virginity & Sexual Politics of Film
  • CCM 420, Queering Film
  • CCM 468, Women & Rock 
  • CCM 470,  Sports, Media, Culture 
  • CCM 481, Technologies of the Body 
  • CCM 482, Voices of Dissent & Social Change 
  • EN 341, Topics: American Gothic
  • EN 393, Special Topics: Fin-de-Siecle Literature
  • EN 394, Special Topics: Gender & Migration in Transnational Cinema
  • EN 493, Special Topics: Sex, Suffrage & Empire: Modernism & the New Woman Empire 
  • GWS 300/PL 348, Philosophy of Feminism 
  • GWS 303, Special Topics: Love for Sale: Intimate Labor and the Commodification of Love
  • GWS 303, Special Topics: Ransom Notes and Radical Chic
  • GWS 303, Special Topics: Written Out of Wedlock
  • GWS 303, Special Topics: Health Disparities
  • GWS 303, Special Topics: 50 Shades of Sex
  • HST 205, Special Topics: Mad Women: Fiction, Film and History
  • HST 212 / TI 235-HST, American Visions: Dialogues on Diversity
  • HST 338, Era of Jim and Jane Crow 
  • HST 341, U.S. Women's History
  • HST 342, Topics: Working Women in the Modern City 
  • PL 375, Topics: Feminist Jurisprudence 
  • PO 372, Role of Protest in US Politics
  • PO 380, Special Topics: Gender and Generation in War and Peace
  • PO 386, Black Political Thought 
  • PS 305, Psychology of Gender
  • PS 333, Human Sexuality 
  • RX 644, Women's Health Issues
  • SO 317, Gender & Society
  • SO 326, Gender, Race & Crime
  • SP 490, Sports, Gender, National Identities
  • SW200-SO, Understanding Society: Gender from a Sociological Perspective  
  • SW240-PO,  Gender and Generations: War and Peace
  • TI 231-HST, Mad Women in America
  • TI 234-HST, Reel America: Film and the American Experience
  • TI 255-PO, The Politics of Alice Walker  

The information found on this website with respect to major/minor/program requirements is primarily directed at providing prospective students a general roadmap of the curriculum. Current Butler students are expected to review their degree audit report at and speak with their advisor regularly for detailed information regarding their specific degree requirements and their progress toward degree completion.