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Faculty Development

Outstanding Professor of the Year Awards


To recognize faculty members who excelled in all areas of their professional responsibilities in the last academic year and demonstrated outstanding achievement in at least one of the following categories: teaching, scholarship, or service.


Demonstrated excellence in all areas of one’s professional responsibilities (i.e., teaching, scholarship, and/or service, as stipulated by the terms of their appointment) in the last academic year.
Outstanding achievement in at least one of the three areas.

Examples of characteristics or accomplishments that may be used as evidence in each area are included below. Nominees are not expected to have all of the characteristics or accomplishments listed in each area; these are simply provided as examples of the kinds of activities that may make one a strong candidate for these awards.


  • Success in generating enthusiasm, insight, and thought in classrooms, studios, or laboratories.
  • Practices that show the faculty member to be creative, stimulating, or responsive.
  • Teaching that is especially collaborative, supportive, or innovative.
  • Mentoring and advising that inspire academic excellence.
  • Support, mentoring, and guidance of student research, scholarship, and creative activity.
  • Innovative and creative pedagogical approaches in teaching style, evaluation methods, and/or course design.
  • Offering courses that are intellectually and/or creatively rigorous and challenging.
  • Promotion of a wide range of ideas and of a classroom climate that supports the open expression of diverse opinions.
  • Responsiveness to the needs of a diverse student body.
  • Maintaining an atmosphere of integrity, civility, and respect in the classroom/studio/lab.
  • Accessibility in and beyond the classroom.
  • Evidence of student learning achievement.
  • Presentations of teaching on campus or in other settings. 
  • Practices that lead students to lives of purpose.


  • Publications.
  • Exhibits, performances, commissions, and artistic creations.
  • Presentations at scholarly meetings or conferences.
  • Research activities in private, public, or corporate settings.
  • Grants.
  • Recognition by the academic community beyond Butler University.
  • Books, articles, performances, or exhibitions that merit public acclaim or examples of the recognition and respect the nominee has earned within her or his discipline and that merit public commendation (i.e., reviews, invitations to speak, positions in professional organizations, etc.).


  • Leadership in the governance of the University, in an academic department or program, in the faculty and its Senate, college, or ad hoc committees, or in other University positions.
  • Leadership and service in professional or public organizations, boards, or commissions related to the faculty member’s academic field(s) or assignments.
  • Specific projects and initiatives that have enhanced the quality of the University's programs and advanced its goals.
  • Public service or leadership that reflects or enhances the reputation and mission of the University.


Nominations are invited from any member of the Butler community with faculty status; deans and department heads are especially encouraged to submit nominations. Nominators are encouraged to solicit an updated CV from the nominee in order to provide explicit, up-to-date information and examples. 

In support of their nomination, nominators are expected to provide evidence that the nominee has:

  • performed meritoriously in the areas of teaching, scholarship, and service in the last academic year and
  • produced outstanding outcomes (i.e., exemplary accomplishments that do not typically occur in other years) in teaching, scholarship, or service in the last academic year

Nominees who are being considered for an award will be asked to provide a CV (if not submitted with nomination) and a brief statement in support of their nomination (copying and pasting from the Faculty Activity Report is acceptable).

Self-nominations are permitted (limit one self-nomination per award cycle).

Download the Outstanding Professor of the Year nomination form by clicking here.

Please submit nominations by 5:00 PM, Tuesday October 31, 2017 as a Word or pdf attachment to

Awardee Selection:

The Provost, the Director of Faculty Development, and the members of the Faculty Development Advisory Committee will vet nominations and select award winners.

There is no minimum or maximum number of awards given each year.

Winners will receive a certificate and a $500 stipend.