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Faculty Development

Food for Thought Series

Morning refreshments or lunch is always provided. RSVP to is required.

To request disability-related accommodations or inquire about accessibility, please contact Rebecca DeGrazia at or at 317-940-8558. Please allow two weeks’ advance notice in order to allow adequate time to make arrangements. Although attempts will be made to honor accommodation requests with less notice, it cannot be guaranteed that without two weeks’ notice a reasonable accommodation can be provided.


Tuesday, April 2
"Designing Effective Assessment Rubrics"

All faculty are invited to join us for a presentation by Marcos Oliveira (COPHS) focused on rubrics for use in student peer evaluations, as well as exam evaluations. 


Thursday, February 28

"LibQual Survey Results" - CANCELLED

In 2015 Butler University Libraries asked campus constituents to rate library services via the LibQual+ survey, an assessment instrument developed by the Association of Research Libraries. The results of that survey were folded into the Libraries’ strategic planning, and used to incrementally improve services and facilities. A follow-up LibQual+ survey was then administered to campus in 2018 to track the impact of those service improvements, and to learn what further work was necessary. Associate Deans Sally Neal and Josh Petrusa will discuss the 2018 LibQual+ survey results, their context, and future steps.


Monday, February 4
"Infusing Vocational Reflection into Your Teaching and Course Curriculum" Presented by Daniel Meyers (CFV) and Marleen McCormick (LSB)

Join us for a conversation on why vocational reflection is important to infuse into your courses, and for some practical ideas on how to do so. This discussion will be facilitated by Dr. Marleen McCormick, Assistant Professor of Management, and alumni of the Network for Vocational Undergraduate Education's "Vocation Across the Academy" summer seminar, and Daniel Meyers, Director of the Center for Faith and Vocation. Together they will share why connecting course material to students' lives and future direction is important, Dr. McCormick will present on her strategies of infusing vocation into her own courses, and they will offer a variety of additional ideas to help draw connections between student lives and your courses.  


Monday, January 28
"'Who knew the reason I'm friendly and outgoing is because I'm an extrovert?' The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Personality Testing" Presented by Joel Martin (Psychology)

Personality tests are everywhere, and rightfully so - how else would you ever know your "food personality," or which Game of Thrones character you are, or which Hogwarts house you would be sorted into? What are the misuses and appropriate uses of personality testing? What makes a "good" personality test? What does it mean when I look at the inkblot and all I see is someone beating up a psychologist? Join us for a presentation and discussion on the pros and cons of personality testing, both the silly and the scientific. 


Friday, November 9

"Helping Students Who Have Survived Trauma" Presented by Keith Magnus (Counseling and Consultation Services) and Maria Kanger (Title IX Coordinator)
It can be very difficult to know how to best help an individual who has experienced a traumatic experience, such as sexual assault. Please join us for a conversation about how you can best support students who disclose to you that they have experienced a traumatic event. This conversation will include strategies for supporting students and help to clarify what your requirements are as an employee of Butler University. 


Friday, October 19
9:00-10:00 a.m.
(change in location)
"Decluttering Your Academic Life: Establishing Boundaries and Policies to Help Maintain (or Regain) Your Sanity" Presented by Mandy Hall (Psychology)
If your attention and focus feel fractured, if your energy is spread across too many projects and people not at the top of your priority list, and if you feel overwhelmed with too much to do and too little time, then you may benefit from establishing some personal and professional policies. Policies are strategically crafted statements that protect your time, energy, and attention, which are your most precious assets as an academic. This Faculty Food for Thought session will teach you strategies to position yourself within strategically-crafted policies that help you declutter your academic life.