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Faculty Development

Celebration of Innovations in Teaching and Learning (CITL)



CITL is scheduled for Thursday, April 19 from 4-6 p.m. in the Reilly Room (Atherton Union), and will feature peer-reviewed posters, demonstrations, and displays presented by Butler faculty and academic staff. All Butler faculty and academic staff members are invited and encouraged to attend and hear from their peers about what they are doing to foster student learning at Butler, either through a teaching strategy, an instructional approach, a class assignment or project, a method of rubric-making, or other ways of measuring student engagement or learning. This year's event will also feature roundtable discussions, and participants from faculty-staff learning communities (FSLCs) will share their experiences. 

CITL is a great opportunity to discover new teaching ideas from your colleagues and to learn about the great work that is occurring across the university to ensure student success.

2018 CITL Presenters

Nick Abel Display and Roundtable (5:15 start time ) Back to School: Simple Strategies from K-12 Classrooms
Julia Angstmann Display Cultivating Scientific Literacy and Action through Place: Development and Implementation of Themed Place-Based Experiential Learning Curriculum in Multiple Courses
Kate Boyd  Display Using Panopto in Piano Lessons to Improve Student Self-Assessment
Bonnie Brown, Trish Devine, Hanako Gavia, Chris Stobart, Kate Taube-Osborn Display Faculty-Staff Learning Community: Learning Outside the Classroom
Butler Journal of Undergraduate Research - Ken Colburn, Tara Lineweaver, Jennifer Raye Display Get Your Students Published: The Butler Journal of Undergraduate Research  
Center for Academic Technology - Kristen Allen, Megan Grady-Rutledge, Heather Hazelwood, Gideon Sears, Jeana Rogers, Tom Janke Display Center for Academic Technology (CAT) - Resource Table
Center for Citizenship and Community - Donald Braid, Lisa Farley, Hanako Gavia, Mary Gospel, Alayna Hutchinson, Terri Jett Display Center for Citizenship and Community - Resource Table
Center for Faith and Vocation - Daniel Meyers, Marguerite Stanciu Display Center for Faith and Vocation - Resource Table
Carl DeAmicis, Jane Pahud Display Writing Assignments in Organic Chemistry
Vivian Deno Display Feminist Content, Feminist Methods: Intersectionality, Concept Mapping, and Recursivity in the Undergrad Classroom
Melissa Etzler, Jason Lantzer Display Bulldogs in Berlin - Onsite Experiential Learning
Kim Beck, Brad Berggoetz, Erin Garriott, Liliana Goens, Tom Janke, James McGrath, Erin Vincent Display Holistic Learning: At the Intersection of Pedagogy, Metacognition, and Wellness
Elizabeth Gill, Kristin Janzen, Lindsay Saum, Tracy Sprunger Display Effect of a Hybrid Online Postgraduate Education Elective on Pharmacy Student Residency Match Rates
Jill McKinney, Nick Huang, Leah Basford, Nick Trifelos, Lindsay Trameri, Taylor Deters Display Intern AND Study Abroad: The Double Whammy
Carolyn Jung Display Use of Reflective Exercises to Enhance Empathy Skills in PharmD Students on a Transitional Care Rotation
Heather Hazelwood, Carolyn Jung, Kristen Nichols, Sheel Patel Display Use of Lightboard Technology to Introduce Vaccine Topics
Kaitlyn Creasy, Brian Day, Lori Fauquher, Julie Searcy, Laura Stephan Ryan, Stacy Wetmore Display Thriving as a New Faculty Member 
Learning Resource Center - Jennifer Kaschner, Riki Lawrence, Heather Lee, Jen Mann, Jan Ruston Display Learning Resource Center - Resource Table
Tara Lineweaver, Andrew Stoehr Display Curbing Classroom Media Multitasking: Exploring the Effectiveness and Fairness of a "No Technology Club"
Elisa Lucchi-Riester Display and Roundtable (5:15 start time) Good News TV - Making Connections Between Students' Majors and Spanish Speaking Countries through Positive News
Michelle Newton, Sheel Patel, Deb Zeitlin Display Incorporating Motivational Interviewing into a Patient Counseling Simulation in a Required Self-Care Course
Stacy O'Reilly, Mike Samide, Anne Wilson  Display and Roundtable (4:15 start time) A Theme-Driven Approach to Planning Courses with a Faculty-Led Study Abroad Component
Catherine Pangan Display Dawgs Gotta Eat: Constructivist Pedagogy in a Leadership Course
Chris Roman Display Chucking It: Student Perceptions of Early Course Evaluation and Modification
Sally Neal, Jennifer Raye Display Butler Libraries Looking Forward:  Strategic Planning for 2017-2020
Greg Shufeldt, Rusty Jones Display The World was Wide Enough: Two Hams Teach Hamilton and Live to Tell the Story
Student Disability Services - Michele Atterson, Claire DiYenno, Kathleen Camire Display Student Disability Services - Resource Table
Daniel Sturm, Sam Gurevitz Display Whetting Students' Appetites for Clinical Reasoning Using Games
Eileen Taylor Display Diversity of Perspectives
Linda Willem Display Creativity with Counterfactuals: The Art of Literary Sideshadowing


Heavy hors d'oeuvres, soft drinks, beer, and wine will be available, and door prize drawings will take place throughout the event. 

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