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Holcomb Observatory
Exploratory Studies

Themed Living Community

Exploratory Studies

The Exploratory Studies Themed Living Community (TLC) provides a supportive environment for first-year Exploratory Studies students. The TLC will help you to navigate the pathway of choosing a major with others going through the same process. Not only will you benefit from a supportive environment, but you will also be invited to participate in special programs to help you explore your academic options! Past events include:

  • Meet-and-Greet with Exploratory advisors
  • Dinner with successful alumni who started at Butler as Exploratory Studies majors
  • Coffee and Careers series where majors are discussed over Starbucks

To be part of this unique experience, accepted students simply need to indicate their interest on the online housing form. For more information, please contact Residence Life via email or at 317-940-9458.