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Butler Executive Education

Butler Executive Education—Our Team

Our experience and methodologies allow us to effectively help you find customer solutions for our partners. We’re experienced, connected, empathetic, and ready to help. 

Sheri Fella

Sheri FellaPossibility is Sheri's playground with an attitude that continually shouts "let‘s do this!" Sheri is committed to helping her clients accomplish small wins that evolve to larger transformations. She is a master learner and her agility in executive coaching and designing and facilitating custom learning experiences is rare. Well versed in corporate experience, entrepreneurial ventures and the latest research in learning and neuroscience, Sheri’s experience as a corporate executive, consultant, MBA faculty, executive coach and business owner, combined with her deep education make her just at ease helping clients. From start-ups, to growth phases, large corporate shifts, non-profit challenges or major life transitions, Sheri’s skills meet you where you are. Sharing the journey with her clients is what fuels her passion.

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William Gulley

William GulleyWilliam is a talented financial wizard and recovering engineer. His mind creates models that simulate any business situation you can imagine and his mind never slows down.  That is, unless he is in the midst of pointing out how we can all get better for our clients (then his mind is firmly focused on systems and process). His laugh is contagious and his passion for learning is unyielding. As a former CFO, entrepreneur, mechanical engineer, and business owner, his unique lens into how a learning experience can be created is innovative and challenging.

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Vicki Wilson

Vicki WilsonVicki’s passion is helping people deal with any situation that they might encounter while navigating the logistics with ease. She is the central nervous system of the Exec Ed team because she makes the whole system work for every one of our partners—internally and externally.  Her experience as a business owner, marketing director, office manager and even a runway model, all create a powerful creative background that results in incredible client engagement and content output for our programs and clients.  She’s never seen a problem that isn’t an opportunity and her precision and depth of expertise move her through any challenge.

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