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Basic Studio Production

Digital Media Production

Digital Media Production emphasizes the production process, from concept to completion. Through hands-on instruction and theory-based project management coursework students learn how to create and distribute their content via the web, through traditional media channels, in independent media, and in corporate settings.

Students explore the production of content for television, film, websites and interactive media. With studies in digital video production and editing, graphic design, animation, interactive media and web design, students develop a broad skill set and an understanding of both traditional and new media. 

Rich media is an interactive blend of all communications disciplines. Students gain experience in this convergence of creativity and technology by learning in classrooms and labs equipped with the best and most current software and delivery platforms.

Emphasis is on the entire production process, from concept to completion. Through hands-on instruction and theory-based project management coursework, students receive a comprehensive education in this rapidly changing field. They learn to use industry-standard software, the techniques behind superior communications and entertainment and the keys to navigating the disciplines of emerging media.

Students with a passion for storytelling and communicating, and a talent for expressing themselves through visual media can find many rewarding professions. With student films, television programs and other collaborations, we emulate the modern media workplace and give students a solid foundation on which to build their careers. Hear from DMP major Matt Michel '16 about what this program has done to prepare him for his future.

Major in Digital Media Production

Students choosing Digital Media Production as their major will be required to fulfill 40 credit hours within the major. Required courses include:

  • CME 102, Media Aesthetics and Basic Studio Production Technique (4)
  • CME 106, Survey of Digital Media Production (3)
  • CME 201, Audio Production (3)
  • CME 208, Multimedia Graphics (3)
  • CME 212, Writing for Electronic Media (3)
  • CME 215, Fundamentals of Videography and Video Editing (3)
  • CME 219, Design for the Web (3)
  • CME 305, Documentary Style Production Theory and Technique (3)
  • CME 306, Multimedia Design & Production 1 (3)
  • CME 315, Advanced Editing (3)
  • CME 410, Directing the Narrative (3)
  • CME 432, Electronic Media Law & Regulation or CME 452, Entertainment Media & the Law (3)
  • CME 457, Digital Media Project Design & Management (3)

In addition, students will be required to satisfy the Butler University Core curriculum as well as the CCOM requirements of Public Speaking, Media Literacy, Communication & Culture, and Foreign Language (3 credit hours at a 204 level or above or scoring an intermediate level or above on a proctored exam).

A minor (recommended) or concentration is required, comprising 12-24 hours. A second major also fulfills this requirement.

Additional hours of free electives, combined with the above, to complete the 126 hours needed for graduation.

Minor in Digital Media Production

Students interested in a minor in Digital Media Production are required to complete 19 credit hours. Required courses are:

  • CME 102, Media Aesthetics and Studio Production (4)
  • CME 106, Survey of Digital Media Production (3)
  • CME 215, Fundamentals of Videography (3)
  • CME 219, Design for the Web (3)

In addition, two courses from the following choice electives are required:

  • CME 201, Audio Production (3)
  • CME 208, Multimedia Graphics (3)
  • CME 212, Writing for Electronic Media (3)
  • CME 305, Electronic Field Production (3)
  • CME 306, Multimedia Design and Production (3)
  • CME 315, Advanced Editing (3)​
  • CME 390, Seminar in Creative Media and Entertainment (3)
  • CME 457, Media Project Design and Management (3)
  • CME 490, Seminar in Creative Media and Entertainment (3)

Note: Other CME courses may be substituted for courses on this list with permission from the EMJ Department Chair.

The information found on this website with respect to major/minor/program requirements is primarily directed at providing prospective students a general roadmap of the curriculum. Current Butler students are expected to review their degree audit report at and speak with their advisor regularly for detailed information regarding their specific degree requirements and their progress toward degree completion.

Student Work

Directing the Narrative 2018 Sample - Remember When

Directing the Narrative Project 1