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September 2018 - 2019

Manuscripts, our undergraduate literary magazine, announces staff:

Editor in Chief, Maggie Brodbeck

Associate Editor, Kasey Kirchner & Melinda Peterson

PR Chair, Lilly Hinckley

Events Chair, Darby Brown

Editing Chair, Matthew Del Busto

Designer, Camille Bates

Assistant Editors, Lindsey Meyers & Miriam Berne

Staff: Brittan Semler, Con Murray, Camille Arnett, Sarah Diviney, Brynmar Rees, Maddie Davies, Josie Levin, Garrett Davis, Sydney MacNeil, Wade Townsend, Tyler VandenBurg, Allie Highsmith, Hannah Stroup, Christina Rike, Luke Ferraro, Nate Lemen, Gabrielle Spinosa, Hannah Ratzer, Olivia Brown, Jasmine Hobson

September 2017 - 2018

Manuscripts staff:

Editor in Chief, Karl Aggar

Associate Editor, Lynsey Meyers

Publications Chair, Carissa Marquardt

Editing Chair, Maggie Brodbeck

Public Relations Chair, Kasey Kirchner


September 2016

Manuscripts, our undergraduate literary magazine, announces staff:

Editor in Chief, Emily Yoo

Associate Editor, Emily Farrer 

Publications Chair, Chelsea Yedinak 

Editing Chair, Grace Dillow

Public Relations Chair, Brianna Bean 

Readers: Karl Aggar, Camille Arnett, Sam Atilano, Caitlyn Beck, Maggie Brodbeck, Clair Colburn, Olivia Collins, Elena DeCook, Matt DelBusto, Paige Dempsey, Lyssa Dougan, Natalie Farrell, Matthew Fleckenstein, Matthew Hathaway, Zakiya Johnson, Kasey Kirchner, Carissa Marquardt, Brooke Marshall, Jessica Martorano, Lindsey Myers, Gabbie Pepin, Alexis Price, Katherine Shelton, Spencer Stephenson, Jenna Voris, Kait Wilbur, Julian Wyllie, Katie Yockey


April 2016

Manuscripts, Butler University's undergraduate literary magazine, won 3 awards at the Indiana Collegiate Press Association (ICPA) conference on April 9.

Congrats to the staff and faculty.

Manuscripts won first place in the category of Best Short Story, for a piece named “Grown-Ups” written by IUPUI student Olivia Emerich. The magazine also won first place in the category of Best Overall Design for designers Emily Yoo and Emily Farrer of Butler University. Manuscripts finished in third place in the category of Magazine of the Year.

Manuscripts has made a resurgence on Butler’s campus in the past two years, with the Spring 2015 issue being the biggest that Manuscripts has ever published.

“It was a challenging process to design a literary magazine from scratch–we spent so many hours choosing fonts alone,” Editor-in-Chief Emily Yoo said. “(Associate Editor) Emily Farrer and I both agree that it was an unforgettable learning experience, and that we wouldn’t have won an award without the support of our wonderful staff and faculty.”


Awards and Scholarships 

The Richard E. Cauger Scholarship

Hayley Gearheart and Sonia Goldberg 

Jean T. Whitcraft Scholarship

Natalie Bloom, Lindsey Gemmill and Jessica Martorano

Margaret M. Kuhn Scholarship

Sarah Coffing, Paige Dempsey and Katherine Shelton

Allegra Stewart Award

Mara Minion and Sarah Tietz

Catharine Merrill Award

Grace Dillow, Alexis Schmidt and Danielle Wallace

Donald Sandstrom Scholarship

Miren Mohrenweiser, Madeleine Rasor and Julie Spoehr

John Newcomb Wright Award

Hana Goodman, Wesley Sexton and Natalie Verhines

Jessie H. Cochran Memorial Award

  Prose - Savannah Correll and Jeff Stanich

  Poetry - Earl Townsend

The Grace Farrell Award

Marina Gibson and Brooks Hosfeld

James T. Watt Award

Emily Hanlon


December 2012

Our beloved professor and dear friend, Marshall Gregory, lost his battle with pancreatic cancer on December 30th, 2012. 

"My own personal ethic suggests to me that I have three jobs to accomplish in this world.  The first is to grow and develop, to attempt to make the most out of the gifts, talents, and opportunities that have been given to me.  My second job is to make some kind of positive contribution to the world: to do something to make the world more sensible or more peaceful or more civil or more intelligent, and more congenial to human flourishing.  It is not my job to do this in some grand way, by affecting the lives of thousands or by leading the masses-fat chance: the last American academic to do this may have been Woodrow Wilson-but merely by making my contribution as I can, when I can.

My third duty is to enjoy performing the first two duties: to derive joy from tending to my own growth and development and from making my own contribution to the world.  I cannot do any of my jobs properly if I am sour, bitter, grim, beleaguered, or persistently angry.  Joy is not just the icing on life's cake; it's the yeast that transforms the flour and other ingredients into cake in the first place."

From Marshall Gregory's new book: Good Teaching and Educational Vision:_Not the Same Thing as Disciplinary Expertise