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Internships in English

EN 395 (3 credit hours)/EN 396 (6 credit hours)

Faculty Supervision:
Department of English Internship Committee
Dr. William Walsh, Committee Chair

English Department Coordinator:
Anne Minnich-Beck 
JH 308D, Phone 317-940-9293

Purpose: The English faculty strongly suggests that all majors be provided an opportunity to work in a professional setting to apply the writing, analytical, and interpersonal skills they have developed through their course work.

In cooperation with the various organizations in Indianapolis, the internship program places eligible students in positions that will afford them both work experience and academic credit. Potential sponsors of English majors as interns include advertising, public relations, public service, and arts institutions, as well as governmental agencies.

Student interns employ their skills, establish contacts outside the University, and gather valuable career experience and information. Internships can be either paid or unpaid as the primary purpose of the program is educational rather than remunerative.

Interns must be degree-seeking juniors and seniors. Internship opportunities may be obtained from Anne Minnich-Beck in JH308D. Students send cover letters and resumes to prospective companies and set-up their own interviews. After being accepted for an internship position, students are to give the name of the company and student supervisor to Anne Minnich-Beck. Anne will then generate a Student/Company/Department of English Internship contract at the beginning of the internship and will send the sponsoring company a final student evaluation for completion at the end of the internship experience.

Academic credit for internships

  • Maximum total internship credit = 9 hours.
  • Maximum internship credit to be counted toward academic major or minor = 3 hours.

Regular Semester
3 hours credit = 10 hours internship per week for 15 weeks (EN 395)*
6 hours credit = 20 hours internship per week for 15 weeks (EN 396)*

Summer Session
3 hours credit = 20 hours internship per week for 7 weeks (EN 395)*
6 hours credit = 40 hours internship per week for 7 weeks (EN 396)*

*Actual schedules will be worked out between the student intern and the sponsoring agency.

Final grades for internships are based upon

  • Final evaluation from the sponsoring agency.
  • Evaluation by the student of skills used and tasks performed during the internship. This evaluation should be submitted as a portfolio which contains
    • a 6-10 page paper summarizing internship activities, an evaluation of those activities, and an assessment of the student's performance as an intern
    • descriptions of special projects and
    • copies of all significant pieces of work completed such as letters, articles, programs, etc.
  • Review and grading by the English Department's Curriculum Committee.

Portfolio guidelines document in Microsoft Word format. 

Additional Internship Information