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Facebook Cover Photo

Represent Butler on your Facebook page! Be sure to check back often, as we will periodically post additional cover photo options.

How to Download

Click on the image, which will open in a new window. Right-click on the image and select “Save Image" or "Save Image As..." Then, you will need to upload the image to your Facebook account to use as a cover photo.


Best Bulldog Colorful Trip
facebookcoverphoto_1-thumb.jpg facebookcoverphoto_2-thumb.jpg
Never Settle Challenges Accepted
facebookcoverphoto_3-thumb.jpg facebookcoverphoto_4-thumb.jpg
#ButlerBound Bulldog Statue in Shield
facebookcoverphoto_5-thumb.jpg facebookcoverphoto_6-thumb.jpg
Jordan Hall Icon Jordan Hall Icon Blue
facebookcoverphoto_7-thumb.jpg facebookcoverphoto_8-thumb.jpg
Irwin Library Icon Irwin Library Icon Blue
facebookcoverphoto_9-thumb.jpg facebookcoverphoto_10-thumb.jpg
Hinkle Fieldhouse Icon Hinkle Fieldhouse Icon Blue
facebookcoverphoto_11-thumb.jpg facebookcoverphoto_12-thumb.jpg
Jordan Hall Atherton Union
facebookcoverphoto_13-thumb.jpg facebookcoverphoto_14-thumb.jpg
Clowes Memorial Hall Aerial BU
facebookcoverphoto_15-thumb.jpg facebookcoverphoto_16-thumb.jpg
Aerial Spring Aerial Fall
facebookcoverphoto_17-thumb.jpg facebookcoverphoto_18-thumb.jpg
Fairbanks Building Gallahue Hall
facebookcoverphoto_19-thumb.jpg facebookcoverphoto_20-thumb.jpg
Hinkle at Sunset Hinkle Fieldhouse Arch
facebookcoverphoto_21-thumb.jpg facebookcoverphoto_22-thumb.jpg
Hinkle Court with Flag Irwin Library
facebookcoverphoto_23-thumb.jpg facebookcoverphoto_24-thumb.jpg
Lilly Hall Holcomb Observatory
facebookcoverphoto_25-thumb.jpg facebookcoverphoto_26-thumb.jpg
Pharmacy & Health Sciences Robertson Hall
facebookcoverphoto_27-thumb.jpg facebookcoverphoto_28-thumb.jpg