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Diversity Center
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Training and Dialogue

The Office of Training and Dialogue exists to:

  • be a resource for the campus community
  • provide a place for continual learning and development
  • provide a place for active listening

We have students, staff, and faculty who are trained in Sustained Dialogue. To learn more about Sustained Dialogue, send an email to

If you are a member of the Butler community that has been trained in Sustained Dialogue, please visit the Canvas site for resources and more.

Trainings and Workshops


  • Are you looking for a training for your residence hall? Greek house?

Staff and Faculty:

  • Are you looking for a training for your next office retreat?
  • Would you like us to review your syllabus for inclusivity?
  • Would you like us to visit your office space with a lens of diversity and inclusivity?

We offer a variety of trainings and workshops for all members of the campus community. Request a training for your department or organization.

The More You Know Newsletter

This newsletter will focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion related topics with a focus toward faculty and staff at Butler University. To sign up for the newsletter, contact Gina Forrest at

The More You Know Podcast

This podcast provided by the Department of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion covers a variety of topics related to diversity, equity, and inclusion on Butler's campus.

Listen to the podcast.