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The south end of Atherton Union
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Multicultural Programs and Services

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These social avenues will inform you on what's happening in the Department of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.  

We offer the following programs and services to engage with our students, staff, and faculty. 



Efroymson Diversity Center

***Beginning on Monday, September 7 - the hours of the Efroymson Diversity Center are 9am-10pm with card access.  MASKS ARE REQUIRED - NO EXCEPTIONS.***

***Please remember to cleanse the space after your use, help us monitor the number of people in the space, and to make healthy choices.  The max number of people are listed below by each room. ***


The Efroymson Diversity Center (DC) of Butler University opened on December 6, 2006 with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and open house. The Diversity Center was made possible by a generous gift from Lori Efroymson-Aguilera and the Efroymson Fund of Central Indiana Community Foundation. 

The DC serves as an open and inclusive symbol to the Butler campus.  We celebrate the achievements and continued opportunities of students, staff, and faculty in furthering an inclusive campus community.  Located in the garden level of Atherton Union (Atherton, room 004)  which houses the Department of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.  

The Diversity Center is a large space and we welcome you to come and visit us!  In this space, you will find:

  • Office space for three professional staff members (max 2 per office)
  • Office space for seven cultural and social awareness student organizations (max 2 per office)
  • Two gender-inclusive bathrooms (max 1 person)
  • Kitchenette (max 5 people)
  • Study space (tables, chairs, and two computer stations) (max 5 people)
  • Lounge space (soft chairs, couch, and large tv) (max 5 people)
  • Conference room (max is 4 people with the door open; 3 people with the door closed)

Questions?  Please email us at

Multicultural Mentors & Dawg Days

Multicultural Mentors 

This program was created to provide personal support, assistance, social guidance, and positive campus survival skills from older students to our first year students.  Professional staff work with the Mentors to prepare them to be mentors by facilitating workshops in conflict management, being a mentor, active listening, giving and receiving feedback, and more.  Multicultural Mentors serve in this leadership position throughout the academic year.  

Being a Multicultural Mentor includes:

  • Providing leadership and assistance with the Dawg Days: You Belong pre-Welcome Week Program by mentoring incoming first-year students from diverse populations throughout the academic year.
  • Attending diversity, equity, inclusion, and leadership training workshops and events with Mentees.
  • Attending meetings to continue their learning and debriefing on their success and challenges.


Dawg Days 

Come put your stamp on a campus tradition by being a participant in the Dawg Days: You Belong pre-Welcome Week experience!

As a participant in this program, you will be guided through the transition of your first year at Butler University with a Multicultural Mentor so you are not alone! Multicultural Mentors are students who are volunteering their time and have been trained in mentoring to help make your transition the best it can be! Transitioning into college is a process - a process of growth, change, challenges, new experiences - all of which can be exciting and a little overwhelming. 

To help explore and navigate these experiences, Dawg Days: You Belong strives to create a welcoming environment and provide connections, resources, and programs for students who are underrepresented on our campus:

  • Students who identify as multicultural, multiracial, and/or students of color
  • Members of the LGBTQIAA+ community
  • 21st Century Scholars
  • First-generation students (neither parent has completed a 4-yr degree)

Dawg Days: You Belong is a program brought to you by the Department of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

Here are some prior Dawg Days student testimonials:

"Participating in this program was the best thing I’ve done while attending Butler. The impact of the experience on me will last forever. I’ve made diverse, lasting friendships, discovered numerous opportunities, received advice that saved me from negative situations, both academically and personally, and so many other positive attributes that shaped me into the successful student I am in my second year."

"This program helped me make friends with individuals that I am still friends with, and it has honestly helped mold me into the young woman I am now at this point of my college career. I found a safe haven at Butler—the Diversity Center."

Questions?  Please contact:

Gina Forrest, PhD, MPH
Executive Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


Share your experiences, Share your story

We have witnessed and some of us have the lived experience of what racism looks like on a day-to-day basis. 

I wish I had a magical phrase to make you feel better. 

I wish I had a magical phrase to make it go away. 

I don’t. 


I can offer to be here for you to listen.  I can talk and tell you have I have dealt with racism for 40+ years. 


If you want to write a song, poem, spoken word reading – send it to me and I will post it here on our website.  Our words are powerful to hear and to say. 


Standing in solidarity with you,

~Dr. Gina